Sunday 23 March 2014

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush - Product Of The Week #1

Soap & Glory - Sugar Crush
Fresh & Foamy Body Wash 500ml

I'm sure most of you have heard of Soap & Glory before as it's been all over the blogger world, but for those of you that haven't Soap & Glory are a brand sold here in the UK who sell all sorts of different products, ranging from skin care, to spot zappers and even make-up. I've been using this product non stop this week. I seriously can not get enough of it! It smells that good that I want to eat it! (please don't do this) haha.

Now the scent of this product is really sweet so if you like sweet smells then you'll love this one! The scent of this product reminds me of some sweets I use to eat back in the day! The sweets are called 'Fizzy Jerks' can anyone remember them? I haven't seen them about in years! I'd love to know if anywhere still stocks them. I need to stop rambling! What I love about Soap & Glory body washes is that the scent seems to be so long lasting on the skin and not only that but they make my skin feel super soft! I always get compliments on how smooth 'baby like' my skin is. I don't use anything special on my body just different Soap & Glory products. So thank you S&P! You little gem.

Not only do I love the product and how well it works. I also love the design and packing of this product. Don't you think they'd look super preedy on the side of your bath or hanging in your shower rack?  The pump is so ideal as well! There's nothing more annoying than trying to open a product with wet hands. It makes it easy to control the amount you dispense and keeps everything looking clean and tidy. I think these body washes are well worth the money as you get 500ml for just £6.50l! I suppose you can feel luxurious without the price tag after all girls :) 

What's your favourite product from the Soap & Glory range?

Chanelle Jade



  1. How beautiful is the product? The Sugar Crush range from Soap and Glory has to be my all time favourite, I love using it.
    Becka | This Is My World

    1. Yeah me too :) I think it smells gorgeous x x

  2. I love love love the smell of the Sugar Crush range, so yum! You where the blogger who first got me onto S&G :)
    Maybe Its Megan Leigh xx

    1. ahh yes my first giveaway too :) hehe. definitely one of my favourite brands. I use something from the S&G range everyday xx

  3. I have a love this stuff, my mum gave it to me because she "didn't like the smell"- what a weirdo lol


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