Monday 22 December 2014



I'd never really heard of IN.FUSED BODY before if I'm totally honest, So I when In.Fused contacted me I was super excited to try out one of their body scrubs. Who doesn't like to try something new?

When I opened the little sachet i was quite intrigued as it just looked like I had received a bag of coffee and I couldn't understand how this was actually going to work on my face, especially when my hands and face are going to be wet/damp when in use. Anyway as I started applying the scrub in the bath I kind of fell in love right away other than the smell of the product. The scent is so strong! It's just like being in a coffee shop except it has a hint of citrus. Now I'm not a massive lover of the smell of coffee, but my boyfriend would love it just for the matter of fact that it smelt like coffee. That being said it's probably one of the best scrubs I have ever used on my body and there's no exaggeration within that statement. I could tell on my skin as soon as I rinsed it off,  this was from the first time of using the product too and when I'd gotten dry and stepped into my pj's I went to go moisturise my face as this is usually the first thing I do after I've been in the bath especially after a good old exfoliate has been applied. I didn't even feel like I needed to do this. My skin felt super moisturised and so so soft. So I totally skipped this step and I had a few compliments about my glow that evening. I will definitely be repurchasing this item. I can't wait to use it again already.

CITRUS is used to target stretch marks, eczema and dry skin. I suffer with two of those and I bet the majority of us do. Who doesn't want super smooth firm skin? Especially throughout the Winter. We can scrub away those Winter blues :D and my favourite part to mention is that these scrubs are NATURAL, VEGAN & CRUELTY FREE! yayyy.

100g is quite a good size for a sample, considering the full sized product is 200g.

Have you ever tried In.Fused before? What is your favourite scrub to use?


Friday 12 December 2014


I instantly fell in love with this velvet smock dress from boohoo as soon as I laid eyes on it online. I purchased it on black friday when it had no discount at all. There's only me that would do that haha! The dress is currently on sale on the boohoo website for just £15.00, so there's £10.00 off. It also comes in the colour berry and bottle which is a gorgeous deep green.

When I first tried on the dress my brothers words were 'where's your cauldron?' the little bugger! Although it did make me love it even more. If anyone says something is ugly etc. I've just got to have it. Sorry about the lack and poor quality photos. It was absolutely freezing and so windy (my hat flew off numerous times) yup... i was chasing it haha! I just gave up in the end. How cold is it lately though? It's suddenly dropped. I can't believe Christmas is only 13 sleeps away! Where has the time gone? This year has flown by it's been one hell of a rollercoaster this year.

Chanelle Jade


Monday 1 December 2014



Here is where I shall sell any items that aren't of any use to me anymore or maybe I haven't used at all (will be noted underneath each picture).

Email me at with the subject 'blog sale' so I can then send you my PayPal details. Please include your name, your address, the item you would like and the cost. Ever

Once item has been purchased it will be delivered within 7 working days. I will email you as soon as the item has been delivered and will show proof of receipt if wished for. 

Rules & info:
1. First come first served basis.
2. When product/item has sold I will remove or update this on here.
3. Please leave a comment of which product/item you would like to buy in the comments area.
4. Please leave a comment with your PayPal email address in the comments box, if you do not wish to leave your PayPal address then please send me an email to - leaving your PayPal email address and a brief note of which product you want to buy as my PayPal email address is different. When I provide you with my PayPal email address you will need to send payment under 'Friends and Family' no charges by PayPal this way.
5. Please make payment within 24-48 hours.
FAILURE to do this will mean me passing on the sale to the next available person.
6. Postage is £2.80 and 50p extra for every additional item. (larger items, we will have to discuss the postage price) as shoes, coats etc. are a lot heavier than the beauty items.
7. Once payment is received the item with be packaged up and posted within 5 working days.
8. Non refundable - Would suggest searching swatches online before purchasing.
9. UK postage only.

Mythology - £8.00
Shale - £8.50
Coppering - £8.50
Charcoal Brown - £8.00


17 Wild metallic eyes - Wild Nude - used once or twice - £2.00
Maybelline 24hr color tattoo - Eternal Gold - used once - £2.00
Ted Baker Eyeshadow Palette - Can't take my eyes off you - swatched only - £5.00 (not included picture yet)


Soap & Glory - Hand Food - Never been used -£3.00
Soap & Glory - Heel Genius - Never been used - £3.00
La Roche - Effaclar Duo - More than half remaining - £4.00
No.7 - Completely quenched moisturising body lotion - Used a couple of times - £4.00
Body Shop - Vitamin E oil - Used twice - £9.00


L'Oreal True Match - DW W4 - Used twice - £5.00
Revlon - Nearly Naked - 170 Natural Beige - Used twice - £4.00


YSL - Rouge Volupte - Peach Passion - Used once - £20.00
Revlon - Black Cherry - Used once or twice - £4.00
Revlon - Carnival Spirit - Used once - £4.00
Revlon - Nude Attitude - Used once or twice - £4.00
L'Oreal - Feeric Fuschia - Used twice - £3.00
Yves Rocher - Mauve - £8.00
Helen E Cosmetics - Marshmellow - £3.00
Bourjois Shine Edition - 20 - £4.00
Rimmel Moisture Renew - Nude Delight - £4.00
Barry M - 16 - £3.00
Nyx - Iconic - £2.00
Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker - Pink Out Loud - Used twice - £5.00
Jelly Pong Pong Lip Blush - Pink - Not too sure of the shade - £2.00
Sleek Pout Paint - 154 Mauve Over- Used a couple of times - £2.00
Sleek Pout Paint - 161 Minx - Used a couple of times - £2.00

Benefit - Pore fessional - Opened not used  x2 - £1.50 each
Benetint - used twice - £1.50
Girl Meets Pearl - £2.00

China Glaze - Frostbite - Used once - £4.00
China Glaze - Peachy Keen - Used once - £4.00



From left to right...
Silver rings - £4.00
Gold leaf ring - £2.00
Dorothy Perkins - heart ring - £3.00

1st ring - £2.00
2nd ring - topshop - £5.00
3rd ring - dorothy perkins - £4.00

1st ring - £2.00
2nd ring - mood ring - topshop - £8.00
3rd ring - £2.00

River Island - Trench Coat - Excellent Condition - £30.00 - RRP £60.00

Motel Rocks - Playsuit - XS - Excellent condition - £25.00 - RRP £45.00



- £20.00



Tuesday 25 November 2014



It's wishlist Wednesday! This week I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite items from the River Island website. They seem to have some gorgeous statement pieces in at the minute and a lot of dark colours - yay for Winter! I could of made a collage with more items, but I thought I'd try and keep it minimal as less is more (not that I believe that when it comes to clothes).

Don't they have some gorgeous stuff in at minute? I mean how pretty is the velvet dress? I want them all!  Now if I had to choose just 3 items from my little wishlist I would have to go for the grungy black lace up chunky boots, it's a must. I have a thing for really ugly shoes/boots and these are right up my street. I wouldn't be able to cope if I didn't select this cute little fluffy cross body bag and it wouldn't be a successful River Island spree without a pair of their molly jeggings - they are just the comfiest jeggings that ever got pulled up my legs and oh so flattering! 

I love doing these kind of posts, especially with Christmas coming up. It's like a fun way of making a Christmas list. As I have such a large family it can be hard to think of presents for them to get me, so it just seems so much easier to make one of these and point them in my blogs direction.

Have you bought anything from River Island recently?
Which 3 items would you choose if you had to?

Chanelle Jade



I thought I'd start a new little series on my blog as I often get questioned about what make up I'm currently wearing in my little Instagram selfies. Sorry for the extreme posing to follow in these little posts. Girls gotta do, what she gotta do (sassy girl emoji).  I'll try not to wash my face out with the filters next time too! I was suffering with some horrible hormonal spots on this day... thank god for filters hey! Everything I used can be found in your nearest drugstores if you live in the UK that is. Nothing I used was very pricey so this may be helpful for you ladies out there that want good make up, but can't afford to splurge. Especially with Christmas coming up - cheaper/bargains are a must! I've definitely been loving me some berry lips this Autumn!

primer: l'oreal lumi magique
concealer: maybelline the eraser eye: light
foundation: l'oreal infallible foundation: 260

mascara: l'oreal lash architect: midnight black
eyeliner: collection 2000 fast stroke eyeliner

eyebrow pencil: rimmel: dark brown

highlighter: the balm mary-lou manizer
bronzer: rimmel natural bronzer: 025 sunglow

lip pencil: rimmel lasting finish: 061 wine (vaseline applied on top)

Well I hope you have enjoyed this little post cheekies! Let me know if this is something that you would like to see more of. It's nice to mix it up a little bit from time to time. Guess what???? It's officially one month until Christmas! yayyyyyyy.

Chanelle Jade



There was something about this Yankee Candle when I read the name 'Angel's Wings' that instantly made me think of my Auntie Debbie, as soon as I saw the tart I knew for a fact that she would of picked it up or bought this in jar form, it's so her. She was a magpie when it came to anything that had fairies or angels on it. So it just had to go in the basket. 

This candle brings you peace, happy thoughts and lets you unwind whilst thinking about your favourite loved ones that are sadly no longer with us other than in spirit. I couldn't wait to light this one, it wasn't just the scent that I wanted to get a whiff of, but I wanted to have a night to unwind and de-stress and let all my sad thoughts I'd been having lately turn into positive memories. When lighting this candle I let my mind take me away and I had a lovely night thinking about my favourite memories with my family and friends that are missed so deeply. 

'Spirits rise on this beautiful airy aroma of joyfully sweet spun sugar, heavenly sheer flower petals and divinely smooth vanilla'. - Yankee Candle.

I found the scent was a little strong/sickly the first night I used it, but I continued to use it and the tart smelt absolutely gorgeous the next few nights that I had lit it. You could definitely smell the vanilla coming through, more to the end of using this one up, eventually leaving my room smelling like buns! yum yum.  

Have you tried this one before? What is your favourite Yankee Candle so far this year?

Chanelle Jade


Wednesday 19 November 2014



From immaculate to scruffy with a flip of a hat (for real) ha ha! So here we have photo evidence that these big hats do nothing but cover my untidy bed head. I promise to make the effort and style my hair for my blog photos one day! God aren't I lazy! I do love the messy look rather than sleek though I must admit. I can also get away with being a scruff then can't I?

Are you a hat or a scrunchie kind of girl? I usually go for hats in the A/W to hide the bed hair, but if I'm going for a scrunchie I always go for one of the few that I own from New Look, this pastel blue one has to be my favourite scrunchie that I own. I love how chunky it is! When I look at these photos all I see is black, on black, on black, on black, so a statement scrunchie brightens up the outfit a little if you're not too keen on other colours (hint to myself). Then I look at the top two photos I think I look like a member of the Flintstones or some kind of tramp ha! You can never go wrong with a pair of Topshop jeans either, I've had these for over a year now. I could do with dying them to get the colour back as they've faded a little. Has any of you done this before? Any tips are welcome :)

Hope you're all having a lovely Wednesday!

Chanelle Jade


Monday 17 November 2014



Casual Sunday attire right here! There's nothing better than snuggly clothes, good food and loads of films on Sunday. I've been getting a lot of wear out of this little black cardigan from Primark recently it was only around £10.00, maybe less?  The boots are one of my Christmas presents from last year, my mum and dad got me them from River Island. I have nearly worn the bottoms out of them as I've worn them that much. I'm desperate for some new ones, maybe Santa will fetch me some new ones this year? (wishful thinking) ha. They still have some in River Island that are similar this year, they've just got more of a heel on them, which some people may prefer anyway | link.

I've just had some exciting news that my sister Rochelle will be home for Christmas this year. You don't know how happy I am about this! I have a plan to make sure this Christmas is just as lovely as any other year, especially for my dad. As some of you may know I lost my Auntie in September this year to Cancer, she battled this god awful illness for 10 years and it just hasn't been the same without her. She was like my mum in so many ways, a best friend, she's someone that I love so much and means everything to me. It's going to be so hard without her this year, but I will try my best to make it as nice as I possibly can for my family and my Auntie Debbie as I know she will be with us in spirit and she wouldn't want us to be sad. i love and miss you so much Auntie Debs x

Chanelle Jade


Saturday 15 November 2014



I can't help but laugh when I look at these pictures... I look so evil and mardy haha! I probably was as it was early in the morning and I'm certainly not an AM kinda gyal. Anyway what do we think to this trench coat? Now don't get me wrong I love me a trench coat, but I'm just not too sure about this one? I don't know if it's the colour that washes me out a bit or the fact that I wear nothing but dark colours. What do we think? I've been loving this cute little dress from H&M that I picked up recently and it was only around £12/£13, such a bargain! You can literally wear anything with these kind of dresses and they look super cute with tops/jumpers layered over them too. 

Who's looking forward to Christmas other than me?! I went out and got our advent calendars the other day and I'm trying to get down my 'to buy' list as quickly as I can, I don't want to be leaving anything until the last minute again, but it usually tends to happen there's always that one thing I forget about.

Chanelle Jade

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