Saturday, 31 May 2014

Let’s go to the beach, each - OOTD. Ft. Joe Browns

Let's go to the beach, each
Let's go get a wave

sunglasses: primark
crop: topshop
shorts: topshop
watch: topshop
shoes: primark

Hands up for messy hair, big shades and a large hand bag! *my hands are up high*
When it's sunny there's nothing I love more than climbing into my favourite denim shorts and big sunnies. We don't buy items to wear them once do we ladies and gents? 

Now, I've been using this Joe Browns bag loads recently! Who doesn't love a quirky little tote bag though? Especially throughout the Spring/Summer seasons. This handbag is super ideal when it comes to every day use as it's quite on the larger size of bags (34cm long x 46cm wide x 20cm deep). I need a big hand bag as I tend to carry everything but the kitchen sink these days. The bag has a gorgeous Aztec print canvas, tan straps that are adjustable and is such great quality. I honestly can not fault the hand bag in any way, shape, or form. Joe Browns supply the quirkiest of outfits and best described as 'surfer' style (own opinion). You know the type of clothes you see when you go to the seaside? I'd definitely recommend having a look on their website - if you like anything that's a little different that is. 

Oh and please excuse the wig! I really do wish I could be one of those girls that had immaculate hair 24/7, but I just don't have the time to sit and do my hair most days or I just can't be bothered ha! I may have to set myself a challenge to try new hair styles each week and see how I get on - it will be up by 12pm every day guaranteed ha! 

Where has this glorious weather disappeared to? I hope mr sunshine comes back soon! I also hope that you all have a lovely weekend! I'm currently house sitting for my sister whilst she's away, which has resulted in many lazy nights, take aways and zero blogging! It's been nice to have a little break from it all, but I'm back due to withdrawals!

Chanelle Jade

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Mr Nutcase - Phone Case.

Mr Nut Case is a website where you can create your own personal cases ranging from phone cases to tablet cases and even ipad cases. Basically there's a case for every phone and everyone. You'll love this site for phone cases if you're like me and love anything that you can add your own personal touch to. 

First of all - how amazing are these cases? I decided to go for the exclusive flip leather case as I need all the protection I can get when it comes to a phone case. I've gone through so many screens on my god damn phone. The exclusive flip leather case wraps around the phone protecting the front and back with a padded leather material rather than the plastic casing that just protcts the back of the phone. Then it hold the phone in place with a plastic case inside. The case opens vertically and has a magnetic clasp that keeps the phone closed for further protection. The pefect case for me and my huge handbags! 

It did take me quite a while to decide on what case to create. I decided to go with some of my favourite photos including some of favourite people. The bottom left hand corner is one of my favourite pictures of my dad and little brother. I don't know what I'd do without these two. I've recently seen some funky creations from other bloggers that included gorgeous backgrounds and lovely quotes. You can put absolutely anything on them and there's so many layouts to choose from. 

If you'd like to create one of these funky cases then you can do so here - custom phone cases link. You can also get 10% off any case from Mr Nutcase with the discount code: “Thanku10”

Thanks for the super fast delivery too Mr Nutcase!

Do you prefer a personalised case like me?
Where do you buy your phone cases from?

Chanelle Jade 

Monday, 19 May 2014

No.7 Protect & Perfect - Day Cream and Night Cream

No.7 Protect & Perfect Day Cream and Night Cream

My mum gave me these two little tubs of joy a few months back when she was having a clear out of all the products she doesn't intend on using. Usually the ones that come in the box sets or unwanted gifts. I love it when I hear 'Would you like these?' 'Yes mother' haha! 

No.7 Protect and Perfect day cream and night cream aim to protect your skin from the first signs of ageing, boost radiance and improve any little fine lines that you may have. I've been using these moisturisers regularly for the last month or so. You get 50ml of product within each tub, which is the same amount that you get within the Estee Lauder - Day wear pots. The design and packaging does remind me of the Estee Lauder range too. 

The day cream is a really light moisturiser that absorbs into the skin within seconds. Leaving my skin feeling so much healthier right away. I apply my day cream in a morning with my finger tips after I've cleansed my face and just before I apply my make up, as I find a good moisturiser always creates a good base for your make up. The day cream contains SPF 15, 5*UVA and is hypo-allergenic. Having an SPF within the cream is a big plus to me, as you know sun ages the skin and you've got to think how exposed our skin is to the sun from day to day. It's a must that you look after your skin. We don't want to be looking like a rasin when we're 30 do we? 

The night cream is a little bit thicker in consistency compared to the day cream, but it's not too heavy like some night creams can be and it doesn't have an SPF within it. Not that it matters, no one catches the sun through the night do they? I use the night cream after applying my Trilogy Rosehip Oil and again I just work it into the skin with my finger tips. When I wake in the morning my skin is left feeling really smooth and hydrated. It feels and looks how it did after it soaked into my skin before I climbed into bed. You wouldn't be able to tell that I suffer from really dry/dehydrated skin. 

As I have mentioned above I suffer with dry/dehydrated skin and I also have visible acne scars. My scars appear to be less visible after using both of these No.7 creams and the Trilogy Rosehip oil for the last few months. I hope they continue to improve the appearance of my skin as it slowly builds confidence for me and means me wearing lighter foundation throughout the Summer (that will be a first). I haven't had any breakouts since using these creams, which can happen as your skin adapts to the new product. My skin has been looking more radiant than ever. Not too sure about the fine lines though, but maybe this will prevent me from getting any wrinkles. 

You can purchase both of these creams for your local Boots store or online at No.7 day cream is £22.00 and the night cream is £23.00. You can also buy these creams in the intense version if you like your moisturisers a little bit heavier. The price may seem a little steep, but to me it feels a lot cheaper as I was paying £40 a pot for Estee Lauder - Day Wear and I just can't keep paying that.  

Have you tried these before?
What creams do you like to use morning and night?

Chanelle Jade

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Sunday, 18 May 2014


kimono: primark
bralet: primark
shorts: topshop
shoes: primark

Double denim. Double me.

I've always loved Topshop for their jeans and shorts. They come in so many styles and sizes, which means there's something for everyone. You can pair these shorts with absolutely anything and they're so comfy too. I think I may be ready for the next size up though. So this is how I decided to style my double denim look - that's without the colour matching though as I'm not fortunate enough to be able to pull that off. I decided to pair my favourite Topshop shorts with my Hawaiian print bralet that I picked up in Primark last summer for just £6.00. I'm in love with the bold print and bright colours! The kimono that I'm wearing is also from Primark for just £6.00. I'm dying to get my hands on one of those really long ones from Topshop. They've got some lovely ones in at New Look too. After wearing this tropical top it's put me in the mood for some bold trousers. I don't know if I'd wear them enough though. Yay or nay? 

Have you all enjoyed the sunshine this weekend? I hope so as I certainly have. It's been lovely to get out in the garden with my camera. Even though my dad caught me in the middle of taking these photos. CRINGE! I think I'm warming up a little though (I hope).

Where do you like to shop for your Summer shorts?

Chanelle Jade

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Saturday, 17 May 2014

I Got Sunshine.

dress: primark
sunglasses: h&m
watch: michael kors
shoes: primark
tan: cocoa brown

Who said that you can't get a nice little outfit from good old Primark? This shift dress is one of my favourite dresses that I've ever bought from Primark, in fact it's one of my favourite dresses that I've bought this year. I've worn this it on so many occasions, whether it be dressing up or dressing down. I can't remember how much it was, at a guess I'd say around £14.00. The neon colours make your tan stand out a mile too. It's definitely one of those dresses you can wear anytime and anywhere. 

I decided to pair the dress with my cute little jellies that go with absolutely everything! Oh so '90s. I can remember having these in the flat version when I was little. My sister had the ones with the heels and I was super jealous! I think it's a must that I purchase some of these in white. Although I couldn't wear them all day when the weather is hot like today as they make your feet a little sweaty and then they'll start to rub! 

Anyway I hope you all enjoy the sunshine this weekend and don't forget to have a BBQ & a Kopparberg on me!

Chanelle Jade

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Friday, 16 May 2014


My oh my TRIANGL you've killed it! 
Who doesn't want this jaw dropping piece in their S/S 14 collection? How beautiful can one bikini be? 

When I took the swimwear out of the bag I was quite intrigued by the material as it felt really thick and I was quite curious as to how it would be comfortable on. TRIANGL swimwear is made from a material called neoprene, which is the same material that wet suits are made from. Boy, was I wrong. The swimwear fit like a glove. It sucks me in, in all the right places without feeling strangled. Not having to worry about being cold around the top area too girls. 

I went for XS in the top and bottoms. I could of probably done with a small in the bottoms as the sizing is quite small.  The bikini came with a cute little bag to match the bikini. It also states to keep the bag, swimwear out flat to prevent any creases, but if creases do occur then you can just turn the swimwear inside out and iron. 

If you follow me on Instagram already you'll have seen just how amazing this bikini is already and how amazed I was last week when I received this gorgeous bikini in the post. If I were wearing mine on holiday I'd definitely pair it with a black lace kimono (primark sell cheap ones) and a big floppy hat. I can't wait to show off in my gorgeous bikini this summer! 

TRIANGL is the must have bikini this year girls! 
Please check out their website to see the rest of their available swimwear and underwear collection. I'm already contemplating buying this set in another colour. 

Chanelle Jade 


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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Trench Coat.

 dress: topshop
necklace: topshop
coat: h&m

These posts always make me feel so nervous! I suppose I've just got to get use to them and the confidence will come in time. It's going to be the same with the settings and editing. So if there's any fashion bloggers that have a Canon Eos 600D that can help me out in any way with the settings and editing etc. I'd very much appreciate it.

Please excuse my scary poses, bed head and god awful roots . I gave it a quick brush and that was that - it's been driving me round the bend recently. Anyway, I've been loving this trench coat that I recently purchased from H&M about a month a go. It seems to go with pretty much everything and thankfully it's one of those lightweight/thin ones , so it's pretty much ideal for Spring and Summer here in the UK. I've been trying to find a something similar in a beige colour to add a bit more colour to my wardrobe. Seen as though everything I wear these days are black or dark colours. So let me know if you've seen anything any where. The dress that I'm wearing underneath (not that you can see much of it) is from Topshop. I found it on one of their sale rails for just £10.00. Now that's a rare treat! It's a smock style dress with a loose/frilly edge that drops from the hips rather than the usual waist drop. Anything that creates an illusion of curves to my boyish figure is a win.

Ahh! Look at Mrs.Chung getting in on my first outdoor OOTD. She's such a fur ball! I know this post isn't all that, but please give me time to get the hang of it. I do hope you've enjoyed reading something a little different anyway and I hope all is well with my little bloggers.

Chanelle Jade

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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer In NC15

MAC - Pro Longwear Concealer - NC15

I decided to purchase MAC Pro Longwear concealer after watching so many beauty YouTubers featuring it in within their videos online and after reading so many raving reviews about it. I was bound to cave wasn't I? I've been using/testing this product on and off for about a month or so now. I purchased it from Selfridges when I was in London shopping with my sister - that place is amazing! I was in my element.

MAC Pro Longwear concealer is rumoured to be one of 'the best' concealers! I wouldn't go that far! The concealer comes in a glass bottle that has a pump dispenser, which pumps out far too much product. This is super annoying when you only need a tiny bit to work with, there's just no control over the amount of product you'd like to use. I waste so much of this product every time I use it. Make up waste never goes down well with a girl like me *cries inside*.

MAC Pro Longwear concealer is a liquid formula that has quite a thin/runny consistency, which makes it quite easy to apply. This product is medium to full coverage with a matte finish. The coverage to me is more on the full coverage side as I find it quite heavy and a little cakey at times, but that's probably when I've applied too much. My skin is quite dry/dehydrated and I find it really hard to make this concealer work under my eyes. Some days I really like this product and then other days I don't really rate it at all. It depends on how my skin is on the day I suppose. I think it may be that I need something that's a little creamier and hydrating on my skin.

You need to be applying this concealer sparingly and quick, as it dries/stains really quickly and there's no budging it after its set. That's one of the positives about the concealer. It does last a really, really long time on your skin and I think that's why so many people rate it. I've had this concealer on since 7am and it's now 4pm and I haven't had to touch it up at all. Could it be waterproof? Another thing that I was impressed by was that there was no creasing... now that's a first! 

Overall, I have a hate/love relationship with this product. I just wish that the concealer was a little creamier and not as dry on the skin once it has set, but then it probably wouldn't last as long as it does. You can't win can you haha! I'm still on the look out for my holy grail concealer. Please give me some kind of guidance beauty bloggers... 

Have you tried this concealer before?
What is your holy grail concealer?

Chanelle Jade

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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

The Body Shop Body Butter In Passion Fruit.

The Body Shop - Body Butter in Passion Fruit

Who doesn't love The Body Shop for their gorgeous body butters?

The Body Shop have a great range of products including these scented body butters that come in so many different colours and flavours. I believe there are 26 in total. The choice isn't easy ha ha. I decided to go with Passion Fruit as I love anything sweet. The scents are definitely strong in the tub and do linger on the skin for quite some time after, but in a lighter way. Be sure that you choose a scent you like! This one reminds of the purple starburst that you get in the pink packets - yum-eee.

The consistency of these body butters are quite thick and creamy, they absorb into the skin quite quick though, which is a plus and that's without leaving any sticky residue behind. This particular body butter is aimed at normal to dry skin, which is just right for my type of skin. It left my skin feeling moisturised and still on going several hours later. It does say 24 hours on the tub, but I haven't left it on my skin long enough to notice. I do find that they work great with my skin. I will definitely be re-purchasing this product when I run out, but in a different flavour. Not that this one put me off in any way. I just like a change when it comes to scents. 

I purchased mine in store when I was down Brighton and it was on offer at the time for just £5.00 bargain! These delicious little tubs do usually cost £13.00. You can also purchase online at 

Do you like The Body Shop body butters?
What's your favourite scent?

Chanelle Jade

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Monday, 12 May 2014

Lust List #1

coat: zara
cropped trousers: asos
top: asos
jeans: topshop

trousers: river island
dress: lavish alice
halter neck: zara
jeans: asos

Firstly, how amazing is this Zara coat? I don't care if Summer is approaching. I NEED this coat! It would look pretty damn amazing with almost everything. 

The nude trousers are a must have in my wardrobe (if they ever come back in stock). They always seem to sell out really quick in my size. Just my luck that I didn't spot these before they did. I think they'd look gorgeous with the ASOS layered top, which I ordered whoops or the Zara halterneck openback top. 

Ripped jeans are all over the place, kind of like clouds in the sky in the UK. I've got my eye on these white ripped leigh jeans from Topshop and the light coloured jeans from ASOS, which again are both out of stock in my size *cries inside* You serial online shoppers are killing my wardrobe here. 

There we have my current items that I'm lusting for. I seem to be loving nude/muted colours at the minute, along with nude trousers or ripped jeans. It's good to have a Spring clean in your wardrobe isn't it? (any excuse).

Chanelle Jade

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Sunday, 11 May 2014

MAC Lustreglass - Love Nectar

MAC Lustreglass - Love Nectar

Love Nectar is a gorgeous nude, more of a peachy-pink colour with gold specks of glitter shining through it, not glitter ball glitter - subtle. It has just the right amount of shine, colour and glitter for a natural everyday lip. It's definitely a 'go to' lipgloss and is perfect for all year round. 
So it's great for day to day wear or paired with a dark smoky eye for a night out, especially when worn over a nude lipstick. I went for this lip gloss on impulse, but I'm so glad I did. I wouldn't of gone for this Lustreglass if I was purchasing it online due to the name. You'd of expected something bright and orange wouldn't you? This L'Glass is just beautiful and so up my street. I will definitely be re-purchasing. 

What MAC says - 'Two high-powered effects. Lustre and glass - in one new lip finish. This amazing onramental finish shines the lips with hi-shine overlaid with various tones of pearlized glazed. Beyond sexy. transcends all known shine'. 

I can only agree with MAC on this one!

MAC Lustreglass has a brush applicator making it so much easier to manage and apply the lipgloss. I prefer it to your typical doe foot - sponge applicator, they can be a little stiff sometimes. The consistency of the gloss is thick and sticky, but not gloopy! I find that the consistency makes my lips look fuller than usual and that the stickiness helps the product to last longer on the lips. It does last quite a long time on, so long as you're not eating. The scent of this gloss is vanilla - shock! Which can only mean it smelling super yummy (of course). 

The only down part is how much lipgloss you get for £14.00 - it's not much or maybe I'm greedy? I do go through lip glosses so quickly though. I'm forever topping up as the day goes on. If only it would stay put all day. I blame The Sims for false expectations haha! 

I'll definitely be re-purchasing! MAC you never fail to impress. I have a feeling this lipgloss is going to be in my 2014 favourites... 

What is your favourite gloss from MAC?

Chanelle Jade

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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Product Of The Week #2 - SAMY - FAT HAIR

Samy - FAT hair "0" calories

Do you suffer with fine fly away hair? This product may be the one for you!

Samy - FAT hair is a thickening creme that will help give your hair great volume, thickness and fullness. Let me just state - it does what it says.  I've been using this product for many, many months now. Although I don't use it every time I dry my hair, but at least once a week and definitely on the day of a night out. Samy - FAT hair makes styling your hair so much easier and gives you that extra omft.
I always receive comments on how large my hair is, which I hope is a good thing! - 'That's why her hair is so big, it's full of secrets' - Mean Girls. That would definitely relate to me ladies haha. This is one of my key ingredients though and of course my back combing brush. The bigger the better in my eyes. 
The scent of this product reminds me of my favourite sweeties (fruit salad-chewits). It smells so good that I could lick it! Please DO NOT do that though ha ha.

How I apply:
  • I wash my hair like I usually would (2x shampoo, 1x conditioner)
  • I then towel dry my hair. Don't be too rough though ladies! I just usually squeeze the towel into my hair.
  • Take a pea sized about of the product and work though the hair from root to ends. 
  • Blow dry that hair! This will use the product to it's full potential. I find by blow drying I get volume, thickness and fullness. If you're not one to blow dry you can just leave it to dry naturally and you will still notice a thickness to your hair.

One of the great things that I found about this product, other than it making my hair huge! Is that the product didn't leave my hair feeling greasy or heavy. You know that feeling when you can feel the product in your hair? I suppose it's applying the right amount though and everyone's hair is different. Now if you were to ask me if 'I would I buy this product again?' YES! and guess what? I already have. In fact most of my family are using this stuff now.

Purchased from my local Superdrug drug store for just £5.99 and is currently on offer at £2.97 - bargain! 

What's your favourite product for adding thickness and volume?

Chanelle Jade

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Monday, 5 May 2014

Revlon - Nude Attitude

I must be on a hunt for my all time favourite lipstick or something, as all I seem to be buying at the minute is lipsticks! So I picked up this Revlon lipstick in Superdrug, this one is in Nude Attitude 001. I'm usually the biggest fan of nude lipsticks and glosses, but this one completely washes me out if worn alone.  

It's more on the peachy nude side rather than pink, to me it has a blue undertone, which you can just about see in the pictures above and when worn it shines through the lipstick. It is rumoured to be a good dupe of the MAC lipstick in Myth, which I've also heard washes a lot of people out too. Then again I wouldn't know as I've never tried Myth before. Have you?

Nude Attitude is a matte finish. The lipstick didn't pull as such, but it did sink into any cracks or dry patches on my lips that I didn't even know I had. The only way to get wear out of this lipstick is to apply a layer of gloss/balm over the top. Now we're talking! I really like the look of this lipstick with gloss on top. The only problem is that the lipstick goes blotchy and you loose the pigmentation of the lipstick really fast. The pigmentation isn't that great to start with, you do have to layer it up but that could have something to do with it being so nude. I was also disappointed in the staying power, I had to keep topping up every hour or so. Would I purchase again? Probably not no. 

Has anyone else tried this lipstick?
I usually love the ones from Revlon but this one just didn't impress me at all.

Chanelle Jade 

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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Lips In Rio Rio

I've been loving Topshop and their beauty range so much recently. I picked up this lipstick in Rio Rio, which is a bright red shade with orange undertones. I should of probably swatched this next to a really red lipstick so you could see the orange undertones in it. As you can see from the swatch above Rio Rio is extremely pigmented. I've always been a little scared to wear orange on my lips, but I always think it looks so nice when I see it on other people. This is probably the safest option though! I can imagine this lipstick to suit most skin tones as the orange in the lipstick really brightens up the whole face. 

Rio Rio is a satin matte finish, I found this lipstick more moisturising than most matte lipsticks. So it glided onto the lips just lovely with no pulling. I haven't had any dryness or flakey lips like I usually get with a matte finish. the staying power lasted a few hours and after transfer it did leave a nice stain to my lips. The swatch that was done for this post must of been on my arm for about 8-10 minutes and it stained right away. This lipstick was only £8.00 and it was well worth purchasing. I'd say they are quite comparable to your higher end lipsticks like I mentioned in my previous post about Lips In Peach Sundae. There's a lot of people that say they are on par with MAC lipsticks, but there's obviously not as much colour choice. 

Have you tried any of the Topshop lipsticks?
Which one do you like if so?

Chanelle Jade

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