Monday 30 March 2015



Direct Cosmetics is an online website that basically stocks items for a lot cheaper than your retail prices. Everybody loves a good old bargain right? Well, recently I was given chance to pick out some of my favourite items from their online website. How exciting?! Now I hadn't really heard of the Direct Cosmetics website before. So I was over the moon when the contacted me as I love websites like these. When I had told my friends and family about this website they did question whether the items was actually genuine, but I couldn't fault them in any way, shape or form as all the products I received was top quality and I had no concerns with the items being fakes etc. So where do I start?

Loreal Lash Architect | Waterproof Mascara - £4.89 
Anyone that has read my blog for a while will know that this mascara is my go to mascara... 100%! So when I saw the waterproof version online I thought I'm adding that to my basket for sure. Especially with the warmer months cropping up, nobody likes that mascara dribble under or above the eyes do they? This mascara is great for adding volume and thickness, the brush is perfect too! I can't stand those horrible hard combs that come with some mascaras.

Rimmel Sun Shimmer | Bronzer - £2.99 
Here is another staple in my everyday make up routine. I've used Rimmel bronzers for such a long time as I refuse to pay 20 odd pound for one bronzer as I go through them too quickly. Hello bronze goddess (one can dream) ha! I got this bronzer in the shade 001 Sun Kiss, which is quite a nice colour for when my skin is more tanned. So it's going to be pair perfectly with my skin tone throughout the Summer, whether my tan is real or fake. Does anyone else go through bronzers like me? I don't know where they go, honestly.

Clinque chubby stick | Tinted Lip Balm - £3.99
I never fell into the blogger hype last year with all the chubby sticks. So when I saw this online for just £3.99 I just couldn't refuse. I decided to get this lip product in the shade voluptious violet, as I think it will pair perfectly with my berry lip liners, especially on those days when I don't want to wear a lipstick on top. Now I'm not usually the biggest fan of balms, but I couldn't really fault this one as it's ultra-hydrating formula left my lips looking and feeling amazing. So for those people out there that do appreciate a good old balm, I think you'd love these if you haven't tried them already.

Beyonce Pulse | Perfume 50ml - £5.99 
Can you believe that you can buy a perfume for just £5.99? That's 50ml bottles as well. Now I'm not usually a fan of 'celebrity fragrance', but I had a quick scout online at some reviews before I selected this one. This perfume is the perfect scent for the warmer months, now I don't know it it's the musk mixed with the jasmine or the vanilla mixed with the pear. Who knows? It's a gorgeous scent anyway that makes me feel like an hawaiian babe. Kind of reminds me of a suncream scent without the coconut. I honestly haven't stopped wearing it since I got it. It's the perfect price to repurchase and something you can wear with confidence everyday.

Elizabeth Arden Hydrating Mask | Face Mask 100ml - £6.99 
I couldn't wait to try this one. I've always loved the 8 hour cream from Elizabeth Arden, so I knew this was going to be good, or so I hoped. Basically all you have to do is apply the face to mask to a clean face and rub gently into the skin, leave the mask on for 5-10 minutes and wipe away. I find that heating up a hot muslin cloth and wiping off the mask is a lot better than using anything else. This product left my skin feeling nice and hydrated throughout the day.

Nicole by O.P.I | Nail Polishes - £1.99
These nail polishes were a great bargain at just £1.99 each, I've browsed this range in Superdrug many of times and refused to pay £7.99 as I hadn't tested any of them from this range before. So I got two polishes by Nicole - O.P.I. One in the colour Girl Talk, which is the nail polish on the left and it's the prettiest brown shade that I own. I nearly bought one from Essie that was really similar to this, so I'm glad I didn't. I then decided to go for a coral colour with it being Spring, you know, get me in the spirit and all that. This one is called Reach Out and this one isn't as full coverage like the Girl Talk, it goes on the nail kinda sheer I only tried this polish with two coats though, so maybe with a couple more layers it would turn out better?

All in all these products should of cost me a whopping £98.13. So it was such a bargain as I got all of these items for less than £30. How awesome is that? I'm all about saving money and I'll definitely be checking for bargains on their website the next time I'm after something new.

Have you shopped with Direct Cosmetics before?

Chanelle Jade


Tuesday 24 March 2015


I'm really into mixing and matching my clothes at the minute, whether it be big bad ass stripes like this gorgeous black and white striped skirt or bright bold colours. I'm getting rid of the old boring black loving Chanelle and bringing out my rainbow unicorn self, and if all else fails you can just stick some pom poms in your ears. That kinda thang!

I probably wear midi skirts and maxi skirts the most throughout the Summer. I think they are great staples to have in your wardrobe as they can easily be dressed up or down. This midi skirt is from George ASDA and it's perfect. It's one of those comfy skirts that you could wear all day long, you know super stretchy, can go out for dinner and still feel comfy skirt. I've also noticed that they have now got this pattern in another gorgeous structured midi length skirt. I just may have to add it to my collection.
Earrings: Depop
Scrunchie: New look
Shoes: Public Desire


Skater skirts are something that hasn't really gone out of fashion, which is good as they really compliment my frame. I'm forever wearing baggy clothes that makes me look like a tom boy. So adding a skater skirt can really give your outfit a girly touch. I usually like to pair my skater skirts with a baggy vests and a blazer or with a check shirt and knee high socks. This skater skirt is such great quality for the price of just £10. You can't beat a tailored skirt with an elasticated band. It's one of those items that will used over and over again.

Can you believe that the belt I'm wearing here is an old belt of mine that I use to pair with my wide flared jeans from Tammy Girl. I was going through the 'I'm Avril Lavigne' stage *hides face*.

Earrings: Depop
Top: H&M
Belt: Old one of mine
Boots: Dr Martens | Office

Chanelle Jade

Monday 23 March 2015



Rimmel 1000 kisses lip liner are probably one of my favourite drugstore lip liners by far. I seem to have so, so many in my lip liner collection. I just thought I'd share my recent love for liners and what colours I can't seem to take off my lips over the last few months.

This lip liner is said to be one of Rimmels long wear lip pencils and that the product may even last up to 8 hours on the lips. 8 hours? Now I have found that all the Rimmel 1000 kisses lip liner's that I own do have a great staying power. I can seriously apply one of these in a morning and they last all day long pretty much. I may touch up once after my dinner or something (if needed). I've also found these liners to be super pigmented (see swatches), quite moisturising - as I don't find that they drag on the lips what so ever, not like some other liners I've had. Not too wet and not too dry. Basically these liners are such great value and a must have in your collection guys. 

Shades L to R:

Cappuccino is a cool tone light brown, nude shade. There's something about this shade that I absolutely love! It's so different to any other brown/nude lip liner that I've ever owned before. Now I know this may not be every ones cup of tea when it comes down to the shade, but I find that this shade works perfect with my skin tone (nc25/30) and that it looks perfect paired with a nude lipstick. Especially Nude Delight from the Rimmel Moisture Renew collection. Now nude lip liners don't usually look any different or noticeable on my lips, basically they don't usually show up as I have quite dark lips naturally, but this one is perfect and it reminds me of an old lip liner that I use to wear from the range 17. Oh so 90s' babyyyyy.

Spice is a gorgeous rustic orange shade. I find that you can pretty much use this colour lip liner with nearly every nude, pink, coral coloured lipstick. It's pretty much perfect and such a natural colour with a pop of colour that will help to emphasise your lips without looking too OTT. This is a great everyday lip liner for those that don't like to wear a deep shade on their lips throughout the week or maybe not at all etc.

Black Tulip is a gorgeous plum shade, in fact it's the perfect berry shade I've ever come across. I find that I go for this lip liner the most out of all the three. It's my fave! I've gone through two of these in the last few months. I've worn this colour out! What am I going to do when the Summer comes? Is it acceptable to wear berry lips throughout the Spring/Summer? I also find that I like to pair this liner with a little bit of nude lipstick too. I like to add a touch to the middle and create an ombre look with this one. Also, this shade is just like one of their other lip liners in Wine. I previously owned Wine and picked up this one by mistake, but there's not much difference. Always be sure to check the names people!
L to R: cappuccino, spice, black tulip
These photos were taken with flash on, that's why they may appear a little bit lighter than the swatches above.

I honestly can't stop wearing these 3 shades at the minute. They have been my go to over the last few months. Especially Black Tulip, this one is my favourite out of the three at the minute. This time last year I would of still been in my trusty nude lipsticks, now look at me. I'll be wearing green next ha!

What is your favourite lip liner?

Chanelle Jade


Wednesday 18 March 2015



So I recently paired up with George ASDA to promote #GENIOUSJEANS. Now George is not somewhere I ever really shop for clothes, I don't know why I never really thought to look to be honest as they have some gorgeous little bits in at the moment. Like these acid wash jeggingswhich are a steal price of just £14, they're really comfortable and can be dressed up or down. I decided to pair these jeans with this gorgeous little bohemian print cami top that is also from George and currently reduced from £6 to £3. Is anyone else loving all the bohemian prints at the moment? I can't get enough.

Banada: Holiday find
Necklace: Topshop
Shoes: Boohoo

Now you can never go wrong with a nice pair of white skinnies, especially when they're super comfy! These jeans are from 'The Wonderfit' range in George. They are possibly the nicest pair of jeans I own and they're even comfier than my Topshop white Jamie jeans that I practically live in and for half the price. These jeans are just £18! Yes you read that right... £18, can you believe it? I decided to pair the jeans with this gorgeous khaki wrap front blouse that is currently on sale for just £6 and this item is also just like the ones that they sell in Topshop. Very on trend! Go George!

Fedora: Primark
Necklace: Topshop
Boots: H&M

I hope you enjoyed this post today guys. I can't wait to share my next fashion post which will ft. #LETSGETSKIRTY.

Chanelle Jade

Monday 16 March 2015



Rimmel London has to be one of my favourite brands when it comes to drugstore lipsticks. Like how is it possible to buy a lipstick which is such great value for just £5.49? In fact I bet I own more Rimmel lipsticks than I do any other brand.

Rimmel Lasting Finish By Kate Moss #30 Rossetto is a gorgeous berry/plum shade and the Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Liner in Black Tulip pairs perfectly with this lipstick, in fact these two have become my go to lip products for the last couple of months, which you can probably tell in my fashion posts. I love me a berry lip! I can remember a time when I'd only wear nude shades on my lips, now all I seem to wear is anything that's dark or berry toned.

What I love about these two lip products is that they usually last me quite a few hours, probably one or two touch ups throughout the day and that's it (usually after I've eaten something), but even when the lipstick/liner fades, it doesn't disappear completely and it does leave a nice stain to the lips. I find the Rimmel Lasting Finish lipsticks to be very moisturising, long lasting on the lips and super pigmented. What more could you ask for? Especially at that price too. Now I'm not a fan of sticky glossy lipsticks, so these ones are great not 100% matte, but they last like a matte yet have a silky finish.

What I also like to do with the Black Tulip lip liner is to line my lips, then colour in the inner corners of my lips and then I apply a nude lipstick to the middle and rub the lips together to create an ombre lip. I usually go for the Rimmel Moisture renew lipstick in Nude Delight when creating this look.

"You should never go out the house without putting your lippie on" said every nannan.
- That's right nannan! I never, ever go out without my lipstick on.

Do you love a berry lip as much as me?

Chanelle Jade


Thursday 12 March 2015



Did anyone else try and make the most of the sunshine this weekend? It was so nice to go out with the girls, without getting soaked by the rain. Speaking of going out, I wore this dog tooth style dress, which I got from Missguided on Saturday night, paired with my new favourite pom pom earrings. How fab are they though?! Who said you can't dress a night time outfit down? I really hope the sunshine continues, I love it! It just makes me want to pack away all my dark clothes.

Speaking of colours, I'm after a nice colourful coat, I really like the ones from Ragged Priest, but they are a little pricey and you know me, always shopping on a budget. Does anyone know of any nice ones? Kind of like a duster, drape coat if anyone can give me any ideas that would be great.

Well I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Chanelle Jade

Scrunchie: New look
Earrings: Depop
Jumper: Primark
Dress: Missguided
Shoes: Boohoo

Thursday 5 March 2015


Just a quick one today, over the last few weeks I've been having a good old think about my sense of style and realised that all I tend to wear is black or dark colours, but I've found that this is just one of those comfort things and it's very easy to blend in. Yet, when I'm looking/shopping online I always seem to like the bright, bold clothing, yet there's nothing like this in my wardrobe. So this year I've set myself a task and I'm going to be more 'out there', which means that the bright, bold, wonderful colours that I always lust over online are slowly going to be building up in my wardrobe... eeeeek. I can't wait. I'm no longer going to care what people think. Basically when I like something, I'm going to wear it! Why has it only just sunk in at the age of 24 that I don't care what people think anymore? (obviously within reason). I wish I would of had the confidence/same views at 16/18.

I know there's not much colour in these photos, but I promise there shall be soon. When I look at these photos I can't help but laugh... HELLO PUSS IN BOOTS HA! I had to get that out there before somebody else did haha.

Anyway, what do we think to my little earrings that I made? I'm totally in love! Oh so Clueless!

Chanelle Jade

Fedora: Charity shop
Earrings: Custom made by me
Velvet Choker: River Island
Top: Charity shop
Jeans: Topshop
Shoes: Boohoo
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