Friday 28 June 2013

Hint Of Red.

I must admit I'm loving mesh clothing right now.
Especially the ALL black & mesh clothing, where you can make it look vampy,
just add a little bit of red lippy.

Not that this look here is all that but I've just received an order from ASOS
which was my dress for tomorrow night...

black & mesh hint, hint.
(it's quite saucy ha) ;)
Are you loving mesh too?

I cant stop listening to disclosure ft. Eliza Doo Little at the minute.

International: grey midi skirt.
H&M White & Black mesh baggy tee.
River Island: Black leather studded coat.
Office: Red converse.

Have you had any hauls recently?
What's your favourite thing to wear this season?



Sunday 23 June 2013


sooooo sorry for my lack of blogging recently, I've just started back at work waahhh D:
BUT I got a new puppy eeeeek!
so I've been pretty occupied this week.
( not a good enough excuse I know )
*hangs head in shame*
hope y'all good anyway!

So I thought I'd do a little blog on one of my oldest MAC eyeshadow palettes
that I found in my room a few day's ago, totally forgot I had it.
It's the Fascinating Ruby: 6 Smokey Eyes.

such a cute little palette with some 'everyday' shades inside it

from left to right:
scant, gorgeous, satin taupe, ambiance, dark devotion, carbon
I love the shades you get in this palette, it would be a good handbag essential!
you can go from a day to night look with this little beauty.

do any of you have a favourite MAC palette?
or even a palette that you use everyday?

This is the look I created using this palette:

the lipstick I wore here was Yves Rocher
which is a purpley brown shade.

meet my new french bulldog - fergie
how cute is she? uhhh.

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Wednesday 12 June 2013

JUNE 13'

I get really excited when mid month is slowly creeping up
& I know my GLOSSYBOX
isn't too far away.
I know... right?
I don't wanna sound ungrateful or anything but this month's box
was pants!
Especially after how good they've been to everyone as of recent.
So from left to right we have;

'Q- Body Spray'
I thought this was going to be quite nice and classy like the detail but naah.. It doesn't even smell nice! I was really thrilled with this product in all honesty.
Retail price - £2.99.

'Monu - Hydrating moisturiser SPF 15'
I've sampled Monu products before & I do really like what I've tested before, but this product isn't really my cup of tea as I can't say I'm a big sun protector.
(sounds so bad!)
I'll know when I'm 30 and I look like Madge off Benidorm haha!

Retail price for full size 50ml - £29.95.
'Paul Mitchel Curls'
Full circle leave in treatment.
I'm always willing to try something new on my hair so I can't wait to test the leave in treatment.
Full size Full circle leave-in treatment 250ml £14.95
Ultimate Wave 150ml for £11.95.
I need to find something that works with my hair it's such a frizz bomb!
At the moment I use Morocan oil & it's amazing. Not only how it works on my hair but it smells lush too. It is quite expensive though but it last's so long.
What do you use?
Hulle Prodigeuse OR.
So you can use this oil to hydrate your face, illuminate your body
& strengthen/hydrate your hair!
wowza 3 in 1 product here.. you don't get that often.
I'm looking forward to trying this out although oils aren't my favourite, too messy!
Retail price full size 100ml - £34.00
'Figs & Rouge'
Coco Rose Lip Balm.
I love the vintage packaging of this product it's well cute :)
& the balm smells beaut.
Balm's are so good for your everyday natural dress down days aren't they?
Although I'm finding it hard to get out of my nude lippy fix at the moment.
Retail price - £5.00

Hopefully next month's GLOSSYBOX will be better!
What did you get in your box this month? Was you as disappointed as me?

Chanelle Jade

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Don't you just LOVE it when you get thing's for free
or next to nothing?

Love the Mac Eyeshadow in ricepaper I got this off eBay for £5.99
Eyelashes £1.00 from Primarni they look the same as Eyelure 140
The Loreal shampoo and Modelco Lip liner was out of GLAMOUR
mag and it was only £1.00 :o the product is worth £16.00.
It's a beautiful nude colour as well and it come's with a sharpener on the lid!
Why did no one ever think of this gadget before? It's brilliant.

Chanelle Jade
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Wednesday 5 June 2013


This summer is all about a flash of neon!
Necklace - H&M
Boyfriend tee - Primark
Disco pants - Boohoo
Shoes - Topshop
Rucksack - H&M
Anyone else loving the neon trend at the minute?
I can't get enough of it.
I also decided to change the name &design of my blog
'hanging-in-my-closet' has sadly gone to the grave
but I hope you like the new one?
Hope everyone's good as well, I'm back to work on Monday so I'm trying
to make the most of my time off this week & thankfully the weathers been quite nice.
I must confess, I got my first sun tan in the UK!
I seem to have so many birthday's this month I feel like I'm forever buying presents at the minute. Then there's fathers day cropping up too. Ahhh god help meee!
I'm going to have to hold off my beauty splashes at the minute or sell my life on eBay?
That sounds better to me.
I really need to find somewhere good to take my photo's
They seem to be getting worse, sorry guys!
Chanelle Jade
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Saturday 1 June 2013

my beauty wishlist.

I probably have the longest beauty wishlist know to man kind, but I thought I'd share with you my MUST have items this summer.

Burberry Body - Perfume

This is my MUST have fragrance this summer! I recieved a sample of this perfume in one of my Glossybox's and was complimented everytime I wore it. Have a sniff of this beauty if you haven't already.

Mac Studio Fix - Foundation

I really want to try this foundation, I've tried the one in the tube before and hated it. So to be honest it did put me off their foundations all together. I have seen that a lot of people use this one though, so I'm wanting to give it a try.

Real Techniques Make-Up Brushes

I'm in desperate need of some new make-up brushes & really like the look of these every time I go in Superdrug. Does anyone use these?

Mac Refill Eyeshadows & Pan

This is possibly the one thing that I want the most out of them all. I also have a £30 gift voucher to spend in Mac *eeeek* so I thought I'd spend it on the eyeshadow refil pan and get my first few eyeshadows to put in it. I really like the look of rice paper, dazzle light, gesso, wedge brown & expresso.

Urban Decay - Naked Eyeshadow Palette

This palette seems to be a lot of Bloggers favourite. If it's so highly rated on these beauty blogs... I NEED it! :) I love the colours it's well up my street. I'm not really one for big bright eyes in all honesty, so this would work perfect for me.

YSL - Lipstick

This lipstick is amazing! From it's classy design to it's long lasting wear. The only problem is I don't know which colour to go for! There is so much choice with this brand. I do really like their coral's, nude's & red's though.

Has anyone tried any of these little beauty's before?
If so what did you think to them?
Or if there's anything similar that you recommend let me know :)

Hope you're all ok anyway :)
& having a lovely weekend.

Chanelle Jade

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