Wednesday 28 January 2015



Here I've gone for my light skinnie jeans from H&M (they already had rips in them, but I wanted more and got a little carried away... it's easily done!), I'm also wearing one of my dads old Iron Maiden tour t-shirts and of course my cute little beanie hat from H&M. I love the colour of this one, although my brother in law said that it looks like something you'd stick on top of a tea pot!

It's so nice to throw on a baggy tee, jeans and a beanie especially when you want to cover up that crazy unwashed hair from time to time. Can you tell this is an older post with the hair? Yuck! I've had this post sitting in my drafts for ages as I'm not too keen on the photos, but ahh well it's been far too long since I've shared an outfit post with you guys.

What is your favourite thing to throw on when you're having a lazy day?

Chanelle Jade

Beanie - H&M
Choker - eBay
Tee - Dads
Jeans - H&M
Socks - ASOS
Boots - Boohoo

Tuesday 6 January 2015



Would anyone like to hear about a new product that's creep'ed into my everyday nighttime routine? Quickmax eyelash growth does exactly what it states. Its there to help your little lashes grow into some pretty little flutters. Not only can you use this on your lashes, but on your eyebrows too. Now I haven't tried it on those slugs of mine just yet, but I may have to give it a little whirl to see if it works on those too. Although I've found great results from this little tube of magic within such a short time. Here is how I apply mine... 

  • Remove any make up from your face, preferably with a hot cloth as this enhances the treatment.
  • Apply the treatment to your eye just like you'd apply an eyeliner (along the lash line) or you can also apply the product to your eyebrows, just cover the hairs from the roots.
  • The treatment works while you sleep so close those little eyes.
  • Morning is here! All you now need to do is to rinse your eyes/face as you normally would and keep repeating this every night to notice a difference.
If you do experience immediate contact with the eye, just be sure to rinse your eyes. If there is any further irritation then you must seek medical help. 

As you can see the product comes in a little gold tube and is the perfect size to pop into your make up bag (if you're having a sleepover that is). It comes with a little brush attached to the inside of the lid, which makes it one of those quick treatments to apply. The little brush that is attached to the inside of the lid is really thin and precise which helps to get to those pesky lash lines, the brush is so soft. I wonder if I could use it for my eyeliners when it's all gone? Hmme. Now to see a difference in your lashes it does state that you may have to wait to see results. It may be as little as one week, but obviously we are all different and it can take a little bit longer sometimes so we are to allow up to 6 weeks to see a difference. Just like most things that you apply to your face ey ladies. So if you suffer with stubby little eyelashes like me, you'll love this one. I've woke up the past couple of days with a natural curl to my lashes rather than a straight little stump, which is great to say I've been using the product for just over a week, They look lovely. I can't wait to use this throughout the Summer, this along with a tint (fellow fair haired ladies) will give you those natural Summer lashes.

Water, L-Arginine, Hyaluronan, Vitamin A, D-Alpha-Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Urea
Basically these ingredients help increase blood flow, tissue healing,proteins, help keep the skin healthy, rejuvenate the growth cycle, repair any damaged lashes that you may have etc.

You'll be looking gorgeous in no time!

Chanelle Jade

Monday 5 January 2015



First of all I hope you've all had an amazing Christmas and that you haven't had to nurse too many hangovers (jokes that's what the Christmas period is for right?) Let me just tell you that I was nursing the biggest hangover on Boxing Day and I cringed like mad when I pressed the little Facebook app that morning. There I was dancing on a table swinging a vodka bottle between my legs and knocking some expensive champagne all over the walls. I was heading for a bollocking, but it surprisingly went down quite smoothly since the majority of us was already pissed at this point! Did you have any eventful drunken days over the Christmas period? Please tell... I will feel 1,000x better about myself ha ha! Anyway, earlier that morning I woke up next to my little brother in bed. I couldn't wait to wake him up and shout 'IT'S CHRISTMAS!' I combed my hair back and made sure I was some what suitable for any Christmas photos that may crop up. Then I woke him up... and the rest of the house. It's always me ha! There's no finer feeling than seeing all your loved one's so excited and just so happy to be within each others company Christmas morning. I couldn't wait to open my presents and for one of my dads bacon sandwich specials that we have every Christmas morning - YUM-EEE. My house is quite manic Christmas day as I have a huge family (3 brothers, 3 sisters and a whole load of nieces and nephews). As you can imagine it's very busy, everyone comes round to my mums at some point through the morning and then joins us again later on for a few drinks and a good laugh. We had a lovely day this year, although I missed that one person ever so much 'Merry Christmas Auntie Debs' is all I had in my head as I was knocking back my cocktails. She would of laughed her socks off, she probably did in fact. I wouldn't of been able to get through the hard times this year without my family, friends and boyfriend. Thank you to you all!

 I did say that I was going to try and make this Christmas as special as I could as my family had a pretty shitty year in 2014 as you can imagine and I'm honestly so glad to see the back of it. Thankfully we had a great day, I was dreading it kind of if I'm completely honest. I'm so lucky to have a family like mine, we stick by each other through thick and thin.

So I'd just like to say a big THANK YOU as I have been well and truly spoilt this year and I'm ever so grateful. So I'd like to say a massive thank you to my family, boyfriend and friends for spoiling me rotten and just to remind you all... it's my birthday in Feb ha ha! I hope you've enjoyed seeing some of my Christmas snippets. I can't believe it's all over again and I'm now trying to get on with my New Years resolution. I wonder how long it will last this year? 

Chanelle Jade
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