Wednesday 16 March 2016


Foundation: Mac Studio Fix NC25
Bronzer: Rimmel Natural Bronzer: 022 (Applied light)
Concealer: Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer: Light
Freckles: Makeup Geek: Latte

Mascara: L'Oreal False Lash Sculpt
Eyebrows: Rimmel Brow Pencil: Dark Brown (Applied light)
Eyeliner: Maybelline Eye studio Lasting Gel Liner

All over the eye: Makeup Geek: Beaches & Cream
Crease: Makeup Geek: Latte & Cocoa Bear
Lower Lash: Makeup Geek: Cocoa Bear & Dragon Fly

Mac Lip Liner: Cork
Lipstick: Rimmel Lasting Finish Kate Moss: 32 

Chanelle Jade

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Tuesday 8 March 2016


Lancôme Juicy Shaker

'Shake it, Twist it, Love it'

So last week Lancôme launched their brand new lip product Juicy Shaker #BanTheBoring. I wanted to try out this product as soon as I saw them. The Lancôme Juicy Shaker comes in 13 different shades and one limited addition shade (400 Mint To Be). They have a great range of colours and each one comes with it's own scent. I can imagine Freedom Of Peach and Mangoes Wild to smell gorgeous and the shades look right up my street too. Lancôme Juicy Shaker's are retailed at £18.00 each, which I don't think is too bad considering the awesome packaging that they've created and the actual product itself. You can purchase one for yourself on the Selfridges or Lancôme website. I honestly can't wait to pull this product out of my handbag and show everyone. It's going to be one of those 'Oh my god, let me try' lip products that will have everyone talking.

Speaking of packaging, Lancôme have gone all out with a cocktail shaker kinda vibe. Is it Summer yet? The soft sponge applicator absorbs just the right dose of pigment/gloss to apply to the lips. Making it very easy to apply and the shape is just great it does look a little bulky at first, but the pointed tip really does work well with the shape of my lips and wasn't hard to apply neatly at all.  If anything I really like the applicator, it's so different to your usual wands or doe foot applicators. Wondering if these are messy inside? Definitely not! Under where the sponge sits there are three small holes that let out the right amount of product when shaken (not stirred).

Lancôme Juicy Shakers have a bi-phased formula and they're packed full of nourishing lip oils. Bi-Phased formula is when the oils separate the colours and you have to shake them for the colours to mix together before you apply the product. Basically the more you shake, the better the pigment. Like one of those fancy holiday cocktails or the oils you use to see in the beauty shops. The oils contain sweet almond oil, omega 3 and cranberry oil. So you can imagine just how amazing they feel on your lips and how just how great they feel after wearing one all day.

Lancôme Juicy Shaker  |  301 Meli Melon

Meli Melon is a gorgeous light pink lip gloss that smells just like watermelon. This is my favourite lip shade of the two that I received as I think the shade suits my skin tone to a T. Meli Melon is quite sheer, with just the right amount of pink that shines through. I think this one is great for an everyday look and I'll definitely be supporting this one throughout the Spring/Summer this year. The consistency of the product is lovely! Non sticky and non-drying on the lips. I also thought that it made my lips look quite plump in a natural way.

Lancôme Juicy Shaker  |  372 Berry Tale

As you may have guessed Berry Tale has a sweet berry scent and is more of a darker pink on the lips. I do really like this shade, but I think Meli Melon suits me more. This shade seems to be more build able than Meli Melon as it is one of the deeper shades. I can imagine that this one will look gorgeous applied over a nice pink/berry toned lipstick for a more intense look. What I like about this lip product is that they're non-drying and non sticky thanks to the amazing oils, but this will mean that you will have to top up that gloss as the day goes on. Who's going to mind pulling this one out of their handbag though? I certainly won't mind at all. 

The new Lancôme Juicy Shaker definitely hasn't let me down! If anything it's made me want to purchase more shades. I love it when brands go all out with something new and fabulous! Can you remember the old Lancôme Juicy Tubes? 

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Chanelle Jade


Thursday 3 March 2016



Z Palette - Beauty Bay - £15.00
I decided to purchase the oh so famous Z Palette from Beauty Bay as I was running out of places to store my Makeup Geek eyeshadows and it was driving me mad keeping them in the little cardboard pouches. I decided to go for the black Z Palette as you may already know it's one of my favourite colours. The Z palette came with around 10 circular magnets and 10 square, which was great. Quick tip: make sure you have a permanent marker with you when you're creating your Z Palette as you can write the eyeshadow shades on the back of the magnets so you don't forget the names or what you're using.

Makeup Geek Eyeshadows  - Beauty Bay - £4.95 each
Ok so I've clearly started adding to my Makeup Geek collection and boy do I love this brand when it comes to their eyeshadows. The Makeup Geek eyeshadows are highly addictive and I want them all!  I just love how highly pigmented they're and how buttery the shadows are to blend out and work with. These are now my favourite eyeshadows to use for everyday use or special occasions. I can't wait to add even more to my collection. The last time I showed you any of these eyeshadows I only had a few, which you read all about just here. Also I don't know why Frappe and Cocoa Bear look so similar in the swatches above.

Vanilla Bean - Vanilla Bean is a gorgeous vanilla shade that has a peachy/beige undertone. This eyeshadow has a matte finish with a hint of sheen to it. I think this eyeshadow works well as a base when you apply all over the lid/eye area as a starting point for any eye look.

Peach Smoothie - This is a gorgeous light peach shade with a matte finish. I find that this eyeshadow works great as a transition shade. Although I have noticed more fallout with this eyeshadow than any of the others that I own. I love using this to correct any in corrections with darker shades in the crease.

Mocha - This is the best brown eyeshadow I've ever owned. Mocha is a deep, rich brown shade that has a matte finish. This eyeshadow looks amazing in the outer v when doing a neutral smokey eye.

Corrupt - When I first swatched this shadow I thought wow this really is black black! It might sound dumb, but theres a lot of black shadows out there that have grey/ashy undertones to them and it easily puts me off using blacks in any of my eye looks, not this one! This is the most gorgeous matte black eyeshadow with the slightest hint of sparkle.

Morphe Makeup Brushes - Beauty Bay

MB11 Angle Liner Brush - Beauty Bay £2.50 - When I first received this brush I was quite shocked at just how big it was, I was expecting something teeny, but as you can see in the photos above it's not really that small. This brush is definitely not one for a super fine line, but it is great for apply eyeshadow as a liner and I've been loving this one for my brows.

M330 Blending Crease Brush - Beauty Bay £4.75 - This is one of the best blending brushes I've ever owned. It is the perfect shape for the crease of my eye, super soft. The tapered point really helps to get that eyeshadow into the crease of the eye. When blending out those transition shades.

M422 Cresent Shadow Brush - Beauty Bay £3.25 - This brush is my new favourite brush for applying product to the lid. The density of the brush makes it easy to pack eyeshadows on the lid.

Real Techniques Beauty Blender - Boots - £5.99
I was desperate for a new beauty blender and after watching so many people use this one in their YouTube videos I had to give it a go. Now I haven't applied my foundation with a beauty blender for quite some time and I'd forgot just how great they were. The Real Techniques beauty blender is so soft and squidgy and leaves your makeup looking flawless. I use mine with liquid foundation and liquid concealer. I also found this beauty blender easy to clean unlike the other ones I've tried before that just ended up going in the bin.

L'Oreal False Lash Sculpt Mascara - Boots - £9.99
If you read my previous post you'll know just how much I loved this mascara. To read more about this mascara | click hereAfter I purchased this product I went home, removed my make up and tried it out. I was amazed right away. The comb is the perfect fit for the eye and it really does get to the root of the lashes. It must have taken me about 30 seconds/1 minute to apply one layer of mascara and to feel truly happy with the outcome of the lashes. How quick and ideal is that for when you're in a rush first thing in a morning? 

Chanelle Jade

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