Tuesday 19 May 2015


Ok, so when it comes down to phone cases I seem to have some kind of weird addiction to them. I must have over 20 iPhone cases for my phone *hides face*. Whether it be something that's a little bit sassy like a mermaid case, anything covered in Bulldogs or something that may be personal to me. I do not seem to mind. Please tell me it's not just me?

Now for those of you that may not of heard of Iconemesis before, Iconemesis is an online website that basically stocks a variety of different phone cases for iPhones. Ranging from comic designs, to cases covered in doughnuts or pineapples. They have some pretty awesome designs on their website at the moment. Yes, I want them all! So when it came down to choosing my iPhone case I decided to go for the Sarah King Skull Case as you may already know that I LOVE skulls and the fact that this skull is made up of lots of different little sea creatures. How could I say no?! Now that is two of my favourite things! The case is very sleek, it has a plastic shell with a nice shine to it and it's really lightweight. The main colours used on this case is black and white and then the Iconemesis logo is gold. I've had quite a lot of compliments since using this case and if you're interested it's currently on offer for just £5 rather than £15 | here. Talk about a bargain!

Where do you like to get your phone cases from?

Chanelle Jade


Tuesday 12 May 2015



With the Summer approaching I've been adding to my Spring/Summer wardrobe. As I've said in previous posts I'm trying to add more colour (other than black) to my wardrobe. Now what I have worked out is that you can wear something colourful paired with a black jacket, gilet, trench coat etc. So that's as far as I've got recently.

Anyway lets talk about these lovely items...
The jumpsuit and faux fur gilet are both from CelebLook, which is an online website that has the most gorgeous, yet affordable clothes. I ordered this jumpsuit in a size 8 and it fits me perfect! That is hard for me with me being so petite and not the tallest of people. Hello troll doll! I absolutely love the contrast of these colours together, I don't own that many items in wardrobe that are pastel shades. What do we think? Yay or nay? I've honestly not had the faux fur gilet off either. I love anything with shabby hair! Now you can call me dumb, but I can't believe how warm these things are to say they don't have sleeves! (I've never owned a gilet before) ha. I can see this being a staple throughout the year already.

I hope you're all having a lovely week :)

Chanelle Jade
Hat: Charity shop

Thursday 7 May 2015


So todays post is something a little bit different to usual. Within todays post I'm going to be sharing the make up look I'd go for if I was to attend a red carpet event (a girl can dream). So think Golden Globe, Oscars etc.

The celebritie that totally rocks my world with these kind of events is always going to be Cara Delevingne. I absolutely love it when she turns up with a bold statement lip and lets those unruly eyebrows of hers free. She looks the part, yet rock and roll at the same time if you know what I mean? And you know me, I never like to look too tidy haha. Now if I was to choose a celebrities wardrobe for a formal event it would have to be Blake Lively! That girl is just beyond perfect! Her hair, make up, clothes, man ... everything! Although I did love that red dress that Rita Ora turned up in at the Golden Globes. It's just too hard to choose one babe isn't it? There's just too many!

Did you know that House Of Fraser is the title sponsor of the BAFTAS? You can see more about this on the House Of Fraser website just here - House Of Fraser

Foundation: MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC25
Concealer: Maybelline erase me
Bronzer: MAC - Gold Deposit & Rimmel Sunkissed 
Highlight: The Balm - Mary Lou Manizer

Liquid eyeliner: Collection liquid eyeliner
Browbone: MAC Eyeshadow 

Lip Liner - Illimasque 1B1

Don't forget to join House Of Fraser on Sunday 10th May for the British Academy Television Awards #BAFTATV

Chanelle Jade
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