Friday 29 March 2013

You'll love this if you were a 90s' baby...

You may cringe a little also ;)

It made me laugh yesterday thinking about all the things we thought were cool 'back in the day'. When  I look back at the old photo's it makes me feel a little ill inside. I do wonder why it was even acceptable to walk around like it too?

So here we go..

1. You owned a Baby G watch
2. You owned a blow up bag or chair
3. You had a pair of combats with strings attached (uhhh)
4. You was forever in your gypsy skirts & tops
5. You collected toe rings
6. You had a few Tamagotchi's
7. You wore huge belts
8. You shopped at Tammy Girl
9. You had a pair of trousers that had a skirt over the top of them
10. You tied your jumper round your waist
11. You lived in your Adidas 'Poppers'
12. You had a big collection of TY beanie babies
13. You wore celtic patterned chokers and arm bands
14. Your hair was always tied up in scrunchies or down with butterfly clips in each side
15. You covered yourself in body glitter
16. Not forgetting your Spice Girls 'bubble wedges' haha!
17. You played Pokemon on a Gameboy
18. You listend to Steps, Blue, Five, Hearsay, S Club 7

I bet most of you can tick off everything on that list can't you?
Awful I know...

Well I hope you all enjoy your bank holiday weekend!


Sunday 24 March 2013

lip, lip, lippy....

afternoon bloggers!

so I thought I'd write a quick blog on my favourite lipsticks at the moment.
my favourite make at the minute is MUA not only the shades but they are so cheap too!
I got mine from a local Superdrug store costing only £1.00 each :o
you can also purchase these on their website

 1st lipstick - MUA lipstick shade 1 (which is a deep vintage red) - £1.00
this lipstick looks so nice on it's always a toss up between this shade or the MUA bare.
2nd lipstick - MUA lipstick shade 14 'BARE' - £1.00 (nude)
perfect for every day look, this is my favourite lipstick out of them all at the moment :)
3rd lipstick - REVLON, 477, BLACK CHERRY - £7.49.
the shade of this lipstick is a deep purple, makes an outfit look 'edgy'
4th lipstick - GOSH velvet touch lipstick, 60, lambada (quite a vibrant red) - £6.49

All purchased from Superdrug store.


Friday 22 March 2013

fresh face.

happy friday everyone! hope all is good (minus bad mood about the snow)
I'm not too happy about it either, I just want a bit of sunshineee :)
I thought I'd blog about my favourite daily routine items anyway..
I always had clear skin throughout my teenage years and then BAM I hit 20 & I started getting spots. Whats all that about? Pssh total nightmare!
I've sampled so many cleansers, moisturisers & toners and only just found whats best suited for my skin... 2 years later! I still get the odd spots but who doesn't? It's only normal guys don't let it get you down.

I perform the same routine morning & night



I wash my face with a dermalogica product 'WASH OFF' and if I ever run out I just use an ordinary soap, which works just as good.

The toner I use is from the PREMAE SKINCARE range. It's a little expensive but it's the only product that has helped with my bad skin recently. Plus it's gunna last you a while anyway. What I like about this product is that it's a natural brand that's100% allergy-free.
You should always make sure you moisturise as the toner often drys out your skin
I use quite a heavy night time cream.
you can purchase this from any local shop, supermarket etc.

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