Saturday 28 December 2013

Soap & Glory - Scent Sationalism Review.

Soap & Glory Scent Sationalism Gift Set
Purchased from Boots store costing just £8.50

I really love the gift sets that Soap & Glory put together, especially when Boots put their Christmas offers on hehe. I managed to get my hands on one of the Yule Monty box/bags for Christmas and I'm really enjoying all of the lovely items inside it. Did you manage to get one?

Anyway this gift set contains the famous Mist You Madly - which is quite a sweet scent similar to their righteous body butter. Containing bergamot, blackcurrent, magnolia, freesia, vanilla and musk. I always carry one of these bottles in my handbag as they are perfect for everyday wear and people always compliment me when I wear it. 
It also contains Girligo, which I've never seen or used before previously. This one is a spray on body moisturiser and it is FABULOUS! I've been using it every day after my bath for the last few days and my skin feels super soft and smells delicious. This one says that it includes bergamot, peach, strawberry, jasmine, mandarin and musk.
Then last but not least we have Glam-a-lot - this one is a more muskier scent to the Mist You Madly, containing a vanilla base with some musk and a sprinkle of flowers. It smells gorgeous and makes you feel like you smell sexy! Made me cringe writing that, but it does haha! 

Each of these bottles holds 100ml of liquid, which i think is really good for the price! The scents and moisturiser last so long on your skin and clothes. They are really worth the money! 

Have you tried any of these sprays before?
What do you tend to use as a light spray?

Chanelle Jade


Sunday 22 December 2013

Sleek Blusher - Flushed.

Now this blusher may look a little scary in the pan as it's quite a deep one, but once applied and blended in properly. It works a dream! This is a must have blusher in your collection. 

Sleek are my favourite high street brand when it comes to blushers, bronzer's and their eyeshadows are pretty amazing too.
This blusher gives my NC30 skin tone a natural flush of colour (duuh, it's in the name). The pigmentation is super duper! 
I do have to say that you need to make sure you apply it lightly, as I went in a little heavy handed the first time and ended up looking like a clown hehe. But when I attempted it again after dusting it off, it looked amazing and I've wore it everyday since. I prefer it to the Rose Gold one that everyone raves about. 

I think this blusher would compliment so many skin tones too. If you haven't tried this already then I really do recommend it. The blush was only £4.99 from Superdrug too. Total bargain! I can't rave about it enough. 

Have you tried this blusher before?
Which brand do you prefer when it comes to blushers?

Chanelle Jade


Tuesday 17 December 2013

The Christmas Tag.

Yay! I finally found a Christmas tag post to take part in thanks to Becki at I haven't seen that many about, which is quite surprising. I love doing these kind of posts and even more so when it involves Christmas :)

What time of the year do you start your Christmas shopping?
I usually start my Christmas shopping in about August as I have so many people to buy for I've got no choice but to start early. My Christmas shopping is usually all online with a couple of family Christmas shopping trips in store too.

Do you have any festive recipes for food or drink you limit solely to the Christmas season to share?
I don't do the cooking on Christmas day so nope. Sorry not sorry.

Tell me how Christmas goes down in your home
Me and my two little brothers get up early, but not too early as my mum and dad don't let us down before 7am! How mean is that? :o So we usually gather on the landing waiting for my dad to say that its ok to come down, then we go into our living room to see what Santa has brought us all this year. Then as the morning goes on my other 3 sisters and brother come to visit with their partners and my nieces and nephew. Christmas morning breakfast is usually sweeties and chocolate hehe. Then we take it in turns every year between my mum and my aunt for Christmas dinner. This usually involves plenty of family games, alcohol, an amazing dinner, playing with the kids and lots of naughty treats. Come tea time we are all ready for a nap so we come home or go into the living room if we are celebrating at home and then we all sit down and watch our favourite Christmas films. I'm looking forward to watching Deathly Hallows part 2 this year.

Do you have any Christmas traditions?
Nothing out the ordinary really. All the family and their partners usually pile at my mums house on Christmas day. We don't do a certain thing every single year, but I do remember having to go to bed really early on Christmas Eve when I were younger. Then my mum, dad and older siblings would have a take away and a few too many drinks and then get in bed at about midnight. Me and my younger siblings were always awake as we couldn't sleep due to excitement.

Do you have a favourite festive coffee?
Definitely the Nescafe Dolce Gusto - Latte Macchiato. We get the Coffee machine out when the colder seasons creep up on us.

What's your favourite Christmas song?
I have a Christmas playlist on my phone :o My favourites would have to be Santa Baby, Driving home for Christmas and All I Want For Christmas Is You.

What do you do on Christmas Eve?
Watch lots of Christmas films with my family and get the kids really excited for Christmas in the morning.

What's your Christmas wrapping strategy? Do you have a strategy?
Make sure you have a sellotape dispenser at the ready, then wrap like you've never wrapped before ;)

What's your dream gift this year?
definitely going with my camera as I've been wanting it for so long. I hope Santa knows how much I want it :)

Describe your Christmas tree. How tall? Real or artificial? How is it decorated?
The main Christmas tree is 6ft tall and has the prettiest decorations on it. I'll just add a picture so you can see for yourselves. We got the Ted Baker - French Bulldog bauble in memory of my little Frenchie that we lost not long ago, so she can still be with us at Christmas.

Do you decorate just the tree or other areas of your house e.g. windows, bannisters?
We decorate our tree in the living room, we also have one in the extension (dog room) and then me, my brother and youngest brother all have one in our bedrooms too. We also put tinsel on the bannister and other random places in the house too, I've always wanted to make a Christmas display, that may be on the cards for next year.

What do you wear to Christmas parties and what do you wear on Christmas day? 
I don't tend to go to Christmas parties that much, but if I do I usually just wear a dress and heels. Nothing sparkly or anything as I'm not really a lover of sequins. Christmas day = Christmas jumpers for us all! I can't wait to see the picture of us all this year as we've all gone OTT.

I tag anyone that hasn't taken part in this tag already :)
I hope you all enjoyed reading my tag as well and I'm wishing you all a...

M e r r C h r i s t m a s
&  A  H a p p y  N e w  Y e a !
Chanelle Jade

Monday 16 December 2013

It's Only 9 Sleeps Away...

(Pictures were selected at random from Google)

As Christmas is quickly creeping up on us I thought I'd share with you some of the Christmas presents that are on my list this year. I can't believe it's only 9 sleeps away! I'm so excited. Has everyone finished their Christmas shopping? Thankfully I have, but I'll still go out and buy a few little extras knowing me.

Going from left top right starting from the top left hand corner:
Canon EOS 600D Camera (I've been a good girl Santa)
The Soap & Glory Yule Monty Bag
Urban Decay Basics Palette
River Island Burgundy Bag
Burberry Body Perfume
& The Blackfish DVD (I'm dying to watch this DVD as I'm obsessed with Killer Whales)

I just picked out 6 presents at random for this post. Has anyone got the same as me on their lists this year? I really, really hope that I get my camera for Christmas. It's the main present that I'm hoping for :) Then I'll be able to take some beautiful pictures for my blog and may even be able to do a video... That's if I dare!
It's quite scary thinking about making a video for YouTube. I wouldn't know where to start with editing as I haven't got a Mac laptop/computer. Does anyone recommend any software/website that is easy to use or buy to edit?

What are you hoping to receive this year?
Chanelle Jade



Sunday 15 December 2013

Lush - Snow Fairy Review.


Snow Fairy is a MUST have body wash at Christmas time and is in fact one of my favourite products purchased from Lush. The only problem is that it's only released at Christmas time, so be sure to pick some up before it's off the shelves again. You can purchase this product at any Lush store or online at you can get this body wash in three different sizes. Mine is the smallest which is 100g for £3.50, then you can get 250g for £6,85 and then the large bottle, which is 500g costing £10.95. In all honesty the small one lasts me a long time and I find the bottles are also the perfect size for reusable travel bottles.
The body wash is a pale pink with pearlescent glitter particles shining through. Speaking of glitter. Does anyone else's dad go mad with them when they've had a lush bath bomb or body wash with glitter in the bath? Mine goes nuts haha! He always says he gets out looking like a disco ball or drag queen haha! Makes me want to do it even more thought hehe.
Now not only does it look pretty. It smells incredible too! That's if you like sweet scents anyway. I personally think it smells like those old sweets you use to get called pear drops. Can anyone remember them? But then again both my brothers said that it smelt like bananas, that could be a mans nose for you though haha!
I personally use the product as a body wash, but it can actually be used on your hair too. I haven't tried it on my hair as I'm trying to get my hair in good condition. So it's been having lots of oils and treatments tested on it instead.
Have you tried Snow Fairy before?
What's your favourite Lush body wash?
Chanelle Jade

Friday 13 December 2013

My Updated Skincare Regime.


So I've updated my skincare from last year, due to finding better products that are more suited to my skin. It's kind of like trial and error with skincare, it takes a long time to find your holy grails, but if you want the perfect skin you'll keep on looking I suppose.
I especially like trying new products for spots/blemishes or in my words 'spot zappers'. No finer feeling than a product that reduces those horrible monsters. I've tried all sorts to try and banish mine... (sitting with my face over steaming water, sleeping with sudocreme and plasters on my face, toothepaste) we've all done it I'm sure.

So here's some of my favourite skincare products listed below.

Estee Lauder - Day Wear Moisturiser Oil Free
This is my holy grail moisturiser and I don't think anyone will ever convert me to another moisturiser as good as this. As I have combination skin, I need something that is going to moisturise those dry areas. Now most moisturisers sink in and you can't even notice you've applied them that morning. This moisturiser leaves your skin feeling super soft and moisturised all day. I've had so many compliments about my flawless skin since using this. It makes my foundation appear so much nicer on the nice for some really. Possible the fact that my forehead doesn't look flaky anymore haha!
I actually love the scent of this moisturiser as it's really fresh, it has a hint of a cucumber scent to it.
Now the only thing what may put people off is the price of this product as it is retailed at £40.00 per tub, but they do last a long time and you do get 50ml of the stuff.
If you've like to read more about this product. I dedicated a full post to it just here - Estee Lauder - Day Wear

Estee Lauder - Idealist even skintone illuminator serum (sample)
So one of the lovely ladies at the Estee Lauder counter in French Gate gave me a sample of this serum as I wanted to try before I buy. The serum helps to even out all skintones, such as blemishes, blotches, discolourations and dark spots. I suffer with blemishes and discolorations on my face especially when I've had a bad skin week. They tend to last quite a few week unfortunately. This product has helped reduce the markings a lot quicker than usual, leaving my skin more even than usual. This makes me a very happy! I'll be treating myself to the full size after Christmas. The serum also leaves the skin with a natural glow and it smells lush.
Retailed from £48.00 - £78.00
I really want to try the night repair next time. Has anyone tried either of these?  

Mario Badescu - Buffering lotion
This little beauty works miracles on my horrible blind, cystic spots (those god awful lumps under the skin). Now before purchasing this product I hadn't heard of it before, but once I saw it listed on 'gh0stparties' favourite skincare products I had to try it. As cycstic spots take weeks and weeks to go for me, I needed something that could speed up that process. Nobody wants lumpy skin! I can't rate this product enough honestly. It's a holy grail and will always be repurchased.
Just a quick tip, make sure you shake well before using as you may see a lot of it sits at the bottom of the bottle until mixed.
The product was £15.99 purchased from and you do only get 29ml to a bottle, but a little goes a long way.

Now I've noticed Skinetica popping up everywhere lately, especially at beauty blogger events, which is good! I'd love to hear what you think of the product below. Right, so Skinetica is an anti-blemish treatment that is a 3in1, it's a spot/blemish treatmnent, toner and a base to your make-up.Yes! You can wear it under your make-up all day long. How good is that? I usually only apply skin clearing products after I've cleansed my face on a night. I think its the thought of the product mixing with my make-up that puts me off usually, but at least I don't have to worry with this one.
Now I have noticed that this one does reduce my dreaded spots/blemishes when they do pop up. I use this all over my face AM and PM. Applied with a cotton wool pad, which go through me like mad!
I have one bottle which holds 80ml and then a smaller sampler, which I would say is about 15ml. It's a handy little re-fill size for your handbag when you're sleeping out. 

You can purchase Skinetica products from their website -
If you go to their website you can receive a free 15ml sample to try before you buy. The 80ml bottles are only £9.99.

I do try to stick to the same products for a good few weeks before deciding if I like them or not as some take a while to work with my skin. My skin gets use to products as well so I have to have a back up sometimes, but touching wood! I've been totally fine with all of these products for the last few weeks/months. I do tend to have breakouts, but don't we all? I blame mine on my hormones (it's a girl thing) haha! It's definitely been a lot better since sticking with these little gems though oh and taking some extra vitamins from Holland & Barretts, such as the Complete Bs.

For those of you who are interested in how I remove my mak-up at the moment im still usuing the L'Oreal michellin 3in1 water solution as it's quick to do before jumping into bed. Is there any other make-up removers that you recommend? Or what's your favourite spot zapper?

Do you have any holy grail skin care products?
Let me know if so as I'm always willing to try new ones.
Chanelle Jade

MAC Lipstick Giveaway

So I recently reached 200+ on GFC, which I'm really overwhelmed about and it was my blog's first year anniversary yesterday! So as a thank you I'm going to hold a giveaway for any MAC lipstick of your choice (up to the value of £15).
It may not seem like I've come a long way in year to some people, but to me it's a big achievement and I appreciate every single one of you that has supported me along the way. I've met some amazing people though blogging and its helped me so much with my anxiety and panic attacks. So thank you ever so much guys!
(pictures were added from the official MAC website)

You MUST be over 18 to enter this competition as I will need to take your name and address to post the giveaway!
The competition is open internationally. I
will announce the winner either on a new blog post or by Twitter.
So keep an eye out! As I will need to take some further details from yourself to be able to ship the item.
The competition will run for 30 days.
Anyone that doesn't follow the instructions or fails to answer the questions asked will be disqualified as I will be moderating the competition and checking all answers/links provided.

Thank you again!
& good luck to you all :)
Chanelle Jade

Friday 6 December 2013

Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick - Nude Delight.

(Check out that French Bulldog Onesie)
If you've been following my blog for a while you'll probably already know that I'm a magpie when it comes to nude/peach lipsticks. Some would say I like to play it safe. So when I came across this Rimmel lipstick in boots the other week, I just had to purchase it.

When applying the lipstick it's as if it instantly melts on the lips, it's super pigmented and so moisturising. No one loves dry lips do they? It's one those lipstick's that you don't need to apply a gloss over the top. It's just perfect. Now the only thing I could fault is that it doesn't stay on the lips as long as others due to it been so moisturising, but I can cope with that as I'm forever reapplying my glosses. Rimmel say that this lipstick is like 'a hug for your lips' and I couldn't put it any better myself. So anyone who avoids wearing lipsticks due to having dry lips would find this range of lipsticks more suitable. I think it's a brilliant lipstick to wear during these colder seasons.

The lipstick retails at £6.49 and comes in 20 different shades, going from your nudes to really dark vampy shades. Basically there's a lipstick for everyone. 'Nude Delight' is a nude which is quite peachy so it look's super natural without washing you out. I reckon Kim K would love this one. Now if you were to ask me if I would purchase more of these lipsticks? I Definitely would! I really like the scent they have to them as well. I'm no good at describing scents, so I wont even attempt it haha.

I can't believe how close it is to Christmas! I'm so excited, although I was disappointed in myself for not picking up a beauty advent calendar. The Benefit one looks amazing! I only have around 7 presents left to buy, which is quite good considering how many people I have to buy for (the joys of having a humongous family). Well I hope everyone's alright and enjoying the countdown to Christmas.

Do you like to wear nude lipsticks?
What's your favourite brand when it comes to lipsticks?
Chanelle Jade

Friday 22 November 2013

Shine Like A Celeb - Diamond Sparkle.

Recently I received this lovely sample from Shine Like A Celeb, which is one of their moisturisers called Diamond Sparkle. May I just add that the tub was filled to the rim when I received it (I forgot to take before pictures). At least you know I've tried and tested it ;)
So the body cream itself smells absolutely divine! I can't work out if it has coconut in it or not, but whatever it is in the scent reminds me of holidays/sun tan lotion (obviously the really nice ones). I just love that smell! There's definitely something that smells familiar in there. Now not only does the product have a gorgeous scent, the product also contains some of the essential vitamins that will make our skin look and feel amazing! Such as vitamin A (which aims at strengthening and protecting your tissue), B (for a more even skin tone and if used regularly will reduce signs of ageing), C (helps to reduce those fine lines and wrinkles) & E (protecting the skin from UV light and reducing stretch mark scars). Why do we have to get those bloody stretch marks?! I have quite a few on the tops and bottoms of my legs from ballet. 
Now to buy the product in full size it does cost £38.00, which may seem a little steep for a moisturiser. I only spend that much on creams that are going to correct my skin, such as spots and blemish correctors. It's definitely one that I would purchase if I had more money. IAs I absolutely love it! It makes my skin look super healthy and you feel like you've got that little 'glow' that everyone wants. This would be THEE best holiday/summer moisturiser. I even caught my little brother dipping his fingers in the tub 'mmm....' he said haha.  I wish I would of received the full size as the full size jar looks so pretty. It's one of those that you would leave out on the counter. Now the only thing that may put some people off is the shimmer that it leaves on the skin as it contains small tracings of glitter, but I really like it and I do think quite a lot of others would really rate it too (if they like a nice shimmer).
I had to include the middle picture as I thought the tubs were quite cool for a sampler. I'll definitely be reusing it as it may come in handy for my travels next year :o

Have you tried or heard of this cream before?
What's your go to moisturiser?
Chanelle Jade

Wednesday 13 November 2013

Lush - Golden Wonder Bath Bomb.

This bath bomb has to be my favourite that I've tried so far. It really is like watching one of your Christmas presents unwrap. As each layer has something different to offer, such as the golden lustre, colours, fizzing/foaming and the little gold stars - which are super cute. Lush have made my bath time the most favourite part of my day. I get right excited when I pop in new ones that I haven't tried before. It's kind of magical.

The scent of this bath bomb is mainly an orange scent that comes through, but after a little research I found out that it contains cognac oil, orange oil (which explains it) and lime oil. So it's quite a fruity one, which I really enjoyed. I wish they would release one that smelt like the Yankee Candle in Bahama Breeze, its kind of like a Hawaiian scent that has a lot of pineapple in it or the Fluffy Towels one. Me and my obsession with the smell of clean washing is becoming a little out of hand. I should just pour some comfort in my bath? haha! (jokes).

It's quite a big bath bomb which does take a while to dissolve, which makes it more fun. I'm always disappointed when they are over with in a flash. I tend to get more excited than my little brother when we are watching them. This one only cost £3.50 which isn't too bad. Just look how pretty the water turned out in the last picture though, It's made the water a really nice turquoise with lots of gold glitter in it (I pretended I were in Bora Bora in a little hut). The stars end up dissolving, but they do last a pretty long time.

Have you tried Golden Wonder before? I was thinking of getting some bath bombs for my nieces for Christmas, to add to their little Christmas boxes. Do you think they would like them?

Chanelle Jade

Tuesday 12 November 2013

MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC30

MAC Studio Fix Fluid is an oil free foundation that has medium-buildable coverage. The foundation is also said to last up to 8 hours without having to touch up, which sounds perfect right? (we all love our long wearing foundations). Now not only that, but it also contains some magical things such as micronized pigments, soft-focus powders that help create a smoother look and it also helps minimise the appearance of imperfections. SOLD.

After reading lots of great reviews about the foundation, I caved and purchased it! Yayyy.
Can you believe it's my first time trying this foundation? Where have I been? I feel quite ashamed of myself haha.
No, not really. I've always been satisfied with my L'Oreal foundations and it scares me a little trying out new ones. It didn't help that I'd previously purchased MAC studio sculpt and didn't get on with it at all. Which is really annoying! Especially when you're paying £20+ for them. I purchased my studio fix fluid online at for £21.50 along with a few other items. So obviously it cost me a lot more, whoops!
I can't wait to try out the samples they have sent me. As I've heard so many good things about the prep and prime. It's always nice to try before you buy isn't it? Hehe.

Listed below are my thoughts about the foundation after trying it out.

The foundation stays put, which is brilliant as I haven't had to re-apply any of my foundation today.
The coverage is really good. I suffer with acne scaring/marks on my face from time to time and this foundation covers them really well.
Contains special-skin conditioning ingredients
Doesn't settle into any creases on the face.
It's oil free
Doesn't look cakey (that's with the right amount applied and blended in correctly)
Has SPF 15 in it.
A little goes a long way

It comes with no pump, which makes it really hard to get out of the bottle.
It smells like play doh?!
It transfers at first so be careful.

Overall I'm really glad I purchased this foundation and I will definitely purchase it again. I'm a medium/full coverage type of girl and this one is perfect for me. So if you like something with lighter coverage, I doubt this one will work for you. Although it may be a bit too thick for me to use in the summer time. It will definitely be my 'winter and night out ' foundation. The only thing I wish they would change is the scent and of course the pump! Looks like I'll have to purchase one online. Grr. I wonder what foundation I'll try next time? Recommendations welcome.

Have you tried MAC Studio Fix Fluid?
And what is your holy grail foundation?

Chanelle Jade
I would also like to say a big thank you to all you sweet people that follow me via twitter and instagram. For all of your love and support, especially over the weekend. If you don't know already my French Bulldog 'Frenchie' had to be put to sleep on Friday as she were really ill and suffering with a lot of pain. At just 18 months old :( I'm absolutely devastated and it's been an awful weekend for me. So thank you to everyone that reached out to me over the weekend, it really means a lot.
R.I.P sweetheart <3 xx

Friday 8 November 2013

Revlon - Black Cherry.

I'm pretty sure we all know about Revlon and their lovely make-up range. Well quite a few months back I picked up one of their lipsticks in 'Black Cherry' as a lot of people were comparing it to one of the MAC lipsticks in 'Dark Side' and even one of Tom Fords lipsticks. Now I must of been having one of those days when you feel a little more daring than most days. As I'm usually a nude/peach type of girl (talk about going out of my comfort zone). The only time I do wear a dark lipstick is on a big night out or a special occasion and saying that it's only a deep red.

Now if you're looking for a statement lipstick then this may be the one for you. The lipstick does cost £7.49 which isn't that pricey. For a lipstick that goes on smoothly and is quite moisturising anyway. The longevity of this lipstick isn't amazing, but it does look nice applied lightly as a lip stain with a bit of gloss applied over the top (if you don't want it to look to heavy). I like the fact that the lipstick has no odour to it and that the packing is very sleek. Especially the clear tops, making the specific shades easier to find.

Here is a swatch of the lipstick.

As you can see the shade is a deep plum/berry. It does look a little darker on my lips when its just applied as a lipstick, nothing else.

 Overall this lipstick is a gorgeous shade and I love the look of it on others, but it just isn't for me. It doesn't really suit my skin tone and kind of washes me out. I've worn it a few times and wish I didn't bother. I'm sure it will come in good use next Halloween or something though haha.

Have you tried Revlon lipsticks before?
Do deep shades put you off too sometimes?

Chanelle Jade


Monday 4 November 2013

October Favourites.

I've only just realised that I haven't shared one of these posts with you for the last 2 months, whoops! Sorry guys. So I thought I'd better give myself a kick up the bum and show you what I've been loving over the October period.

I can't believe it's the 4th of November already! Which means it is only 50 days until Christmas!!! I've decided that I'm grounded until I've done all of my Christmas shopping this year. As I can't stop spending! I wish I could stick to a spending ban.

Real Techniques Brushes
The expert face brush - this is a must have make-up brush in your collection. It makes applying foundation, concealer so easy and leaves you with a flawless finish.
The blush brush - this brush gets slated a lot for being too big, but the tapered tip of this brush makes it easy to apply my bronzer/blusher. Both of these are just £9.99 from Boots or Superdrug. I've washed these brushes a million times and they still look and feel as good as new.

Crown Brushes
I haven't stopped applying eyeshadow to my everyday look since purchasing the C431 precision detail brush, C441 DLX blending crease and the C433 Pro blending fluff which is a good dupe of the MAC 217. I wrote a full review about these brushes here: CROWN BRUSH REVIEW

MAC Eyeshadows
Woodwinked: I can't get enough of this bronze eyeshadow lately. It has got to be one of my favourite MAC eyeshadows of all time and is perfect for A/W.
Charcoal Brown: I've been using this little gem to fill in my brows.
Vanilla: gorgeous as an all over lid shade with another eyeshadow blended into the crease. Can also use this under the brow bone and inner corners of the eye to highlight.
Nylon: Looks super pretty in the inner corners of your eyes.
These eyeshadows are £10.00 each and worth every penny. I really love MAC for their eyeshadows, they are so smooth and blend so easily. I just can't get enough of applying my eye make-up. I never really use to wear it before blogging. Well only on big nights out with the girls, but it seems that I'm wearing it more and more everyday now. Yayyyy!

Rimmel Scandal Eyes - Liquid Eyeliner
This is my favourite liquid eyeliner at the minute, which has a thick and thin 3D applicator that makes applying your favourite winged eyeliner super easy. You can apply this super thin or twist it to the side to create a thicker line. It feels like you're using a felt tip pretty much. I picked this up in boots the other week for just £5.49. Now it has had a lot of mixed reviews, but mines worked a treat.

What have you been loving throughout October?
Have you used any of these before?

Chanelle Jade

Saturday 2 November 2013

50 Random Facts About Me | Tag.

1. My name is Chanelle Jade, but my family call me by Jade. My granddad named me after Chanel no.5 perfume (I'm the 5th child).
2. I'm scared of the dark :o and I still sleep with the light on.
3. I hate mornings and daytime. Evenings and night time are my favourite time of the day.
4. I've studied in Health & Social care.
5. I still sleep with a teddy (his name is Ted).
6. Growing up my hobby became dancing. I use to go to ballet, tap, jazz and Irish dancing classes.
7. I can't sit in the same room with someone who 'slops' their chops when they're eating. I think I need hypnotherapy! It goes through me D: kind of like nails down a chalk board.
8. My eyes are green with yellow around the pupil? Someone once told me I had cat eyes? haha!
9. I'm very down to earth and don't see why there's people that look down on others.
10. I want to travel the world when I meet the right person. <3
11. I'm one of 7 children. Yes, my mum is kinder mental.
12. My birthday is February the 11th, which means my star sign is Aquarius.
13. I have been single for 2 years.
14. Resisting a packet or two of crisps is so hard for me.
15. I have 6 dogs. 4 Pugs and 2 French Bulldogs (Molly, Betty, Dorothy, Peggy, Frenchie & Fergie)
16. Pretty Woman, Clueless, P.S I love you, Ace Ventura, The Notebook and Save The Last Dance are my most overplayed movies.
17. When I get mad or angry with something I have to do the 10 second countdown to calm down.
18. I always wanted to have an Australian accent growing up.
19. I like the smell of cat food? (weirdo) haha and petrol.
20. I don't like fall outs and I HATE going to sleep on an argument.
21. My favourite board games are Party Mania, Scrabble and Cluedo.
22. I find it hard to open up to people.
23. I'm an Aunty to 5 nieces and a nephew. Christmas is quite expensive :)
24. I use to eat the full kiwi when my mum use to pack them up for me in my sandwich box.
25. I adore blogging in every way, shape or form. Thank you to you all <3
26. I've probably spent a year of my life playing on The Sims computer game.
27. I'm petrified of horses and E.T.
28. I live with my mum, dad, 2 little brothers and 6 dogs. My family mean so much to me <3 xo
29. I am a very hyperactive person.
30. I have flat feet.
31. I use to have the same nightmare about a joint of beef growing up o_O I use to wake up wet through, crying my eyes out and I had to tell my dad it was about a zombie or something stupid, because I couldn't tell him it was about some meat?! I've had the dream a couple of times in the last couple of years.
32. I once had a pee in one of my mums friends shoes. I wasn't drunk, I was a toddler at the time.
33. I'm from Yorkshire.
34. I love giving gifts to people.
35. Me and my family nearly moved to Canada once, woah imagine!
36. I love programmes about crime/prison etc.
37. I'm terrible at texting back.
38. My childhood nickname - Johnny! I didn't want to be a girl when I was little and I wouldn't respond to anyone that would call me by a girls name haha.
39. I'm scared of ladybirds! My sister use to fill smartie tubes full of them and chase me round the garden and pop the tube in my face :( My brother also put one down the back of my pants. Me and ladybirds haven't seen eye to eye really. Sorry ladybird lovers!
40. I don't know what I would do without caffeine. Mmm.
41. I wrote in a diary most days growing up. It makes me laugh when I read comments in it like 'I've got a hangover today. I drank too much shandy last night' or 'I had a piggy back from one of the boys in my class today. We are in love' LOL.
42. I cannot stand someone touching my feet or people putting their feet on me. YUK.
43. I love crystals, dream books, and all things weird.
44. I fancy the pants off of Johnny Knoxville and Jim Carrey.
45. Green is my favourite colour.
46. I use to have a hamster called Brian.
47. Going camping in Whitby is one of my favourite things to do in the Summer.
48. I still have TY beanie babies and troll dolls in my bedroom.
49. I sing my sentences quite a lot. Have you ever watched New Girl on e4? I get told my personality is a bit like Jess. Don't know if that's good or bad?!
50.  I once chocked on a beef hula hoop in college, baring in mind it was dinner time and the canteen was full. Someone had to smack me on the back, pull me in under the rubs and then it flew out onto someone's plate!!!! how embarrassing. I haven't had a packet since.

Well I hope you've enjoyed reading 50 random facts about me and I hope that I haven't scared you off. It was quiet hard to think of 50 things to be quite honest, so sorry if any of these are a little boring. Big thanks to Harriet over at Byootee for giving me a kick up the butt to get mine done :) I'd love to read more of these, so I tag EVERYONE that might fancy doing it.

Chanelle Jade

Friday 1 November 2013

A/W Bits & Bobs.

Picture 1: Black jumper dress with white collar (Primark - £12.00), Wishbone and love necklace (H&M £3.99 each), Black and Burgundy beanie hats (Primark £2.00 each), Green bobbly hat (H&M £5.99), Pretty silver crystal necklace (Primark £1.00)
Picture 2: Rusty orange smock dress (Topshop £10.00), White & Gold necklace (Topshop £3.99), Green jumper (H&M £12.99), Gold necklace (Primark £3.00), Black fluffy jumper (H&M £14.99), Cream Jumper (Primark £10.00).
Picture 3: How cute are these Christmas socks? There's another pair with Christmas puddings on them somewhere in the wash as I couldn't resist putting them on. The penguin ones are so so cute :)  I got them from Primark for just £2.00. Please don't quote me on any of these prices, I can't find the receipts anywhere.
Picture 4: Look at this for a tin of sweeties! My sister bought them for me last night bless her :) As a thank you for taking all the kids out trick or treating. I wonder what I can store in the tin once I've eaten them all? I'm sure Harry will help me clear them up. Thank you Kirsty <3 xo

Don't you just love it when it gets colder throughout the Autumn/Winter? There's just something about putting on those extra layers. Along with your hat, scarf and gloves. I love walking through the woods at this time of year. When you can put on your favourite wellibobs and walk through the sludgy mud with all the bright and colourful leaves dropping to the floor. Especially at winter time when the leaves turn glittery and have a little crunch to them.

So my sister came to visit us all on Saturday for a few days as a surprise for my mums birthday. You'll probably already know this if you've been reading my previous blog posts. When my sister comes up, it means one thing and one thing only... SHOP TILL YOU DROP! This is the reason why I've neglected my blog for a few days, it's so hard to get back into it sometimes when you have a little break. When I went shopping I went with the idea of buying lots of Christmas presents. The only thing I bought that was for Christmas was some wrapping paper, whoops haha! It is quite cute though.
Good old Primark didn't fail to impress me, they had some lovely bits in. They've definitely upped their game for A/W this year. I'm so glad I picked up the black jumper dress, I love it. I've been looking all over for one with a white collar, but didn't want to pay too much for one. I seem to be loving shirts with pixie collars at the moment so if you know or see any that are cheap'ish let me know. I also seem to be building up my collection of cosy cuddly jumpers too. You can never have enough right?! H&M aren't bad for them and they are so cheap in comparison to other stores. They also had quite a lot of them in Primark with a variety of colours to choose from.

This isn't all of my shopping. I'll be sharing more with you in some later posts. *coughtESTEELAUDERcough* eeeek. Oh and I'm really, really excited as I have some Pug puppies due to be born anytime now! So I do apologise in advance for the spamming of puppy pictures that will be on my Instagram.

What have you been buying lately?
Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?
Chanelle Jade


Wednesday 30 October 2013

Maybelline Color Show - Burgundy Kiss.

 (this picture was taken on the 5th day just to show you how good it still looked on the nails)
I'm loving my winter nails at the minute especially this 'Maybelline Color Show' nail polish in the shade Burgundy Kiss. It's like my favourite shade for winter time. I'm wanting some winter boots a similar shade to this. Has anyone seen any anywhere?
When I applied the first coat, I wasn't impressed what so ever. It looked really thin on the nail and it was quite hard to apply, I don't know if that was due to the brush being a bit floppy or the nail polish consistency. They didn't look the best after one coat, in fact they looked really tacky...

Then after applying the second coat they looked so much better and had a lovely shine to them. They did take a little longer than say a Rimmel nail polish to dry, but not that much longer.
I don't know about you but, I can never paint my nails without smudging! It really annoys me haha. When the nails are fully dry I just pop my hands into a bowl of warm water and the bits that have smudged onto your skin just peel off. It's so much easier than trying to remove with nail polish remover and a cotton bud. I always end up taking half my polish back off when I do that.

Now I'm not your typical girlie girl that goes and gets her nails done every month. If I do get them done it's for a special occasion (birthday, wedding etc.) So when I find a nail polish that doesn't chip after the first day, I'm amazed! The polish lasted on my nails for 5 full days without one single chip! Holy friggggggg. I've just reapplied the nail polish as I'm writing this to try it again. The polish is only £2.99 and you can purchase it from your local drugstore. I picked mine up in Boots when I went shopping last week.

Have you tried this nail polish before?
It's such a gorgeous shade <3
Chanelle Jade

Tuesday 29 October 2013

Lush - The Comforter

Believe it or not this is my first ever 'bubble bar', I didn't even know they existed in all honesty *hangs head in shame*. This one is called 'The Comforter' which I purchased from Lush Cosmetics. If you love pretty pink colours, sweet smelling scents and lots of bubbles, you will absolutely love this one!

What you do with the bar is break it up into chunky pieces, I think mine went into about 8 or 9 pieces, you can see an example in the picture above. Then you use one or two pieces (depending on how many bubbles you like in your bath) crumbled in your hand under a warm running tap to create the most amazing bubbles you'll ever lay eyes on. This bubble bar has a really pretty girly scent to it, it's smells like berries/blackcurrants and it's so long lasting on your skin.
This bubble bar did cost me £4.50, which is quite cheap when you think how many times you can use it.

What I love about Lush is the range of products that they have, basically they have something for everyone. I'll be purchasing more for my friends and family for Christmas as they do make great little Christmas gifts.

I went shopping with my sister and my little brother on Sunday and ended up buying another bag full of Lush goodies, whoops! I'm no good with these spending bans am I?! I swear that I jinx myself with stuff like that (any excuse) haha.
I hope you've all had a lovely weekend anyway. I've really enjoyed spending time with my family and my sister that came home from Brighton for a few days. I'll be lost later this evening when she goes home :( It won't be long till I see her again at Christmas though I suppose.

and this is the after math...
bubbles galore!
with a gorgeous candy floss pink tint to the bath water

Have you tried this Lush product before?
What's your favourite bubble bath at the minute?

Chanelle Jade

Saturday 26 October 2013

OOTD - Black & Fluffy.

Black fluffy jumper - H&M (£14.99)
Black Skinnies - Topshop (£40.00)
Cute little bear hat - New Look - (present)
Talk about blur! Seriously in need of that new camera.
So I'm wrapped up nice and warm today as I'm off out with my lovely sister that's home for 4 days, yay! Looking forward to having some girly nights in with her.
Hope you all have a lovely weekend :)
Just a quick one today & something a little different.
Chanelle Jade


Friday 25 October 2013

Zombie School Girl.

ZOmBie SchOoL GirL
So here is a quick and easy look to create for Halloween. Although my niece still look's drop dead gorgeous! It's so strange to see them with make up on. I had to do both my nieces within half an hour and that was walking up to school included!
 *pat self on the back*

L'Oreal Lumi primer applied all over the face.
Then did the same with white snazaroo face paint x2
& then applied white eyeshadow 'pillow talk' from Sleeks eyeshadow palette 'ultra matts v2' like a face powder all over the face, on top of the face paint.

cheek bones, down each side of the nose (applied with an eyeshadow brush) and jaw, on the top of the forehead with the eyeshadow 'thunder' which is a grey out of the same Sleek palette. Majority applied with a small blush brush.

Applied 'maple' which is a cranberry shade from the same sleek palette with a small blush brush all over the socket and blended out around the eye.
Then applied MAC 'carbon' which is a deep black eyeshadow all over the lid and the outer corners with a blending brush.

Same Sleek palette using 'maple' the cranberry colour again. Applied with a flat brush to make the scratches look sharp and then sweeped with my finger over the top to make a 'swollen' edge to them.

As you get older you tend to miss out on all the dressing up *arms folded/mardy face* so when I get the chance to have a play around, I jump at it!

Do you have any Halloween plans?
I'm taking all the little ones out trick or treating!

Chanelle Jade

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