Saturday 26 July 2014


leggings: topshop
lips: sleek pout paint

I can't get enough of these little choker necklaces lately. I think I've ditched trying to look cute and ladylike as I don't really pull it off that well. It was worth a shot! My hairs far too frizzy and messy to be a sleek kinda lady. I'll just have to be as sassy as I can be instead. I've also been loving my new shoes that I got from Public Desire and can I just add that these shoes are only £19.99 - what a steal! I've linked them above. I recommend that all you shoe lovers out there take a little look at their website as it's the only place I shop for shoes at the moment. 

I just thought I'd pop up a little post today as I've missed blogging recently. I've been so busy! It's no excuse I know, but I'm far from organised at the minute. I've got lots of new posts in mind though. What's your plans for the weekend? I'm looking forward to seeing my sister as she's home from Brighton for the weekend and have some other arrangements with the girls. Then I'm house/dog sitting all of next week for my sister... peace and quiet at last! Hope you all have a fab weekend anyway!

Chanelle Jade


Thursday 24 July 2014



This has to be my favourite nude lipstick when it comes to snapping up a cheap one. 03 is a nude/pink on me which is the perfect shade for my NC30 skin tone as it doesn't wash me out. I would say to swatch before you buy though as it does look a little more orange toned on my friends lips, but she is fair skinned. This lipstick leaves your lips feeling super hydrated throughout the day.

The most gorgeous peach coloured lipstick when shopping for a cheap one I wear this lipstick every night when I'm on holiday. Now I'm not too sure if this colour has discontinued as I couldn't find it online, but there is a very similar colour called 'Ohh La La' which is within the link. Peach Sundae glides on the lips like a dream! I really like Topshop for lipsticks and guess what? They often get compared to the MAC lipsticks. 

I was debating on purchasing MAC Morange, but it looks a little 'out there'. So then I was on the hunt for the perfect orange/red lipstick. That's when I came across this little tube of fairies! I haven't stopped wearing this lipstick. It has a satin matte finish and lasts so long on the lips!

I'd say I wear this lipstick the most out of all the red lipsticks that I own. The colour is just b-e-a-utifuuuuuuul (yes that was my inner Jim Carrey shining through). The only thing I could fault with this lipstick is that it is a matte - matte finish. So if you continually top up the lipstick it can look a little clumpy. The best thing to do is just wipe off any excess and then re-apply. I always get compliments when I wear this lipstick.

Looking for the perfect bright red lip with orange undertones? Look no further, lips in Rio Rio is to die for! This lipstick is the perfect shade for a retro/vintage make up look and it has a satin matte finish. So a little more moisturising than your standard matte lippies.

MUA - SHADE 1 - £1.00
Like your lips to look a little on the vampy side without it looking too much? This shade is perfect! Now I'm not one that can pull off the dark purples lips etc. Least I don't think I can. This one is just enough for those who are just daring to go onto the darker side of lipsticks.

So there we have it, my favourite high street/drug store lipsticks. It was quite hard to narrow it down as you want to include them all don't you? But I had to go with theses as I wear these 6 lipsticks the most out of them all. Well I hope you enjoyed that one! I absolutely love reading these kind of posts although they usually send me on a buying spree... shock! What's your favourite drugstore lipstick? 

Chanelle Jade

Friday 18 July 2014



This is my holy grail drugstore foundation, hands down! I've bought more bottles of this foundation than any other foundation I've ever used/purchased before. Golden Sun 260 is around the same colour as NC30 in MAC Studio Fix Fluid, so it's a perfect match for my tanned skin during the Summer and for those fake tan nights out throughout the Winter. The longevity of this foundation usually lasts around 8-10 hours on my skin, which I think is amazing for a drugstore foundation! I haven't tried it out for longer than that though really so I wouldn't be able to comment on the foundation lasting '24 hours'. The coverage is light-medium, but I'd say it's more of a medium-full coverage foundation. So it's perfect if you want to cover up any blemishes and it does do that! It's comparable to the MAC studio fix fluid in consistency and how it looks on my skin. I don't really notice a difference between the two and that's for half the price I will pay for a MAC foundation. One pump is enough and sometimes I'll mix just half a pump with an illuminator for a lighter, dewy kind of finish. That's my favourite kind of finish and for some reason I always end up buying a matte finish? Just why? I do not know haha. If you could recommend any foundations with a 'dewy' finish that would be a great help. This one has a semi matte finish as it does have a bit of a glow to it once it has been on the skin for a couple of hours. This may be a downside to some people as it is suppose to stop shine coming through, but I like the dewy look that it creates. The consistency is on the thin side, which is quite a shock to say how good the coverage is. You'd of expected it to be a lot thicker. Yeah, so this makes it easier to blend into the skin and I've never noticed it being cakey. 

I love the fact that it comes with a pump dispenser (biggest pet peeve when they come without) and this pump is super easy to control. If you want half a pump, you can have half a pump. Now that's what I'm talking about! Overall I really, really like this foundation and I don't know if I'll ever find a foundation that suits my skin more than this one. Although I am dying to try the NARS sheer glow as I think it will be the perfect match from what I've heard, but it's just getting the right colour and the price is a little steep too. Have you tried NARS sheer glow? What is your holy grail foundation? I do like to try new ones from time to time ladies as I'm always on the look out for 'the one'. I do have to say this is mine up to now.

Chanelle Jade

Wednesday 9 July 2014


Firstly I'd just like to say a big thank you to Latasha over at TodayIAdore for giving me the opportunity to win this fabulous lipstick. I still can't believe I won! I never win at anything! Now the only problem is... I want them all! Thank you so much hunnie! Be sure to check out her gorgeous blog, you won't regret it x

The Rouge Volupte lipsticks have a satin finish (I believe) and come in a wide range of colours, 30 I believe. The texture of this lipstick is like no other lipstick that I own, it's super creamy (without being too soft), highly pigmented - just a swipe is enough and it smells divine! Kind of like grapefruit, definitely fruity. The lipstick is quite like a lip butter, but lasts a lot longer and is far more pigmented. I'd say you need a touch up every 2/3 hours, although lipsticks never last forever and a day on me as I'm forever eating and drinking. As you can see from the pictures and swatch above the colour of this lipstick is peachy/pink and it is a lot brighter on than I thought. It could quite possibly be my favourite Summer holiday lipstick. 

How fricking pretty are these YSL lipsticks? I feel like I'm in lipstick heaven! It's definitely staying on my dressing table, that's for sure! (show off! show off!) *la, la, la, laaaaaa, la* I feel like I own a one of a kind lipstick when I pull this little gold tube of delight out of my handbag. The packaging is gorgeous enough to make anybody stare. I really like how they show the colour through the YSL logo too, making it easier for you to grab that shade you're after. Which one shall I get next ladies and gents? Recommendations welcome! 

Do you own any of these lipsticks?
What is your holy grail lipstick?

Chanelle Jade

Wednesday 2 July 2014



L'Oreal has always been one of my favourite brands when reaching for drugstore products especially when it comes down to foundations and mascaras. 

When using L'Oreal foundation previously I've always gone for the 16 hour infallible foundation rather than the true match, but after watching hundreds of YouTube videos including videos from one of my favourites who highly recommends this one (Lauren Curtis) I had to add it to my basket. I did use to use this when I was at college, but I probably chose the wrong colour so I'm pretending I've never used it.

The consistency of this foundation is really thin and lightweight, whilst the coverage is pretty light-medium, it's definitely build able though and blends into the skin quite well. This shade is perfect for my skin tone (when I'm not supporting a holiday tan). I'm usually MAC NC25 if that helps? They are very similar in colour as you can see in the picture below. The foundation does last around 6 hours on my skin, which isn't too bad at all and is perfect for a lightweight foundation throughout the Summer. Nobody wants to feel all cakey when the sun is shining do they? This foundation also includes an SPF 17 which is another great bonus! It has a natural finish, sometimes it can appear matte and other times it can have more of a glow to it, this might have something to do with the fact that it adjusts to your skin though and mines different every day so that doesn't help ha! 

L'Oreal always have super sleek/clean packaging and are yet to prove me wrong with any of their products. I don't think I've ever tried anything and hated it. I usually mix this foundation with the L'Oreal Lumi Magique illuminating primer as I like to have a bit of a natural looking glow to my foundation. I'm dying to try one from NARS, any recommendations ladies?

Sorry that it's been so long since I last posted guys, I've been without my laptop since before I went away as it came down with a stupid virus, which resulted in me loosing all my photo's etc. Major downer! I hope all is well anyway. It feels like I haven't wrote a post in far too long, but guess what? I'm BACK! eeeeek.

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