Thursday 7 August 2014


Ok so this is a different kind of post today, but I'd like to see what works and what doesn't work, so what the eck. So, I seem to have many friends that come to me for dating and relationship advise and tips, why? I'm the one here that's still single. 'But you know how to be' and 'I need to know how to play it cool' etc. That could be the reason why I'm still living the lifestyle of an 18 year old! 
Yes, I'm 23years old and I'm still 'loving life' being single. How very cringey of me.

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Ok so let's get to the nitty gritty, dates
Duh, duh, duuuuuuuh! What to do? Where to go? How do I act? What do I wear? Am I good enough for him/her? And always the day before or on the day... am I poorly? Haha! (sorry to any of the guys that may read this who've asked me on a date and I've totally pied you off with an 'I'm not feeling very well' text message). It happens! What will be will be. OK JUST STOP.
Forget about all of that! Get yourself dolled up like you're off out to meet one of the girls at the bar. You never know who's coming around that corner anyway (Johnny Knoxville you're welcome anytime). Nerves? Have a vodka! (Obviously if you're over 18) haha! Am I good enough for him/her? Is HE/SHE good enough for you? Stop worrying and wondering whether they like you or not. Just sit back and take it all in. You know when someone likes you or is interested by how the act around you. What's that quote... "Don't talk, just act. Don't say, just show. Don't promise, just prove.' It's corny I know, but very true. And if the dates a total flop, the dates a total flop! You'll probably never see them again anyway and you've more than likely had a free slap up meal or went to see that film you wanted to see anyway, bonus! You need to learn to leave your emotions back at home. 

What NOT to do when dating
Have high expectations - you're going on your first date jeez just don't expect anything.
Overload with text messages - NO if he/she wants to text you they will. This is where it's ok to be stubborn.
Get jealous far too soon - so what if he likes another girls picture on Instagram. I bet I like pictures of men with beards and tattoos more ha! *perv alert* 
Get drunk on the first date - you know it's not going to end well and more than likely those beer goggles will be on and you will think you're dating Gerard Butler.
Slop your chops - don't even dare! They won't be a second date
Show weakness - just don't! Think Queen B!
Love you - YES some even say the L word far too soon. Yes! I've had this after a week... a week! I've been in 8 month relationships and still questioned if I'll ever love them haha. Obviously they didn't work out and I now know not to date men that take longer to get ready than me. 

So just be yourself and enjoy every moment. You'll either come back in coo coo land which is filled with floating love hearts and unicorns or have some kind of funny story to tell all of your friends. I'll never forget the disaster meal date I had when I came home and had to tell everyone about me going for something 'not messy' off the menu, it was a fruit pasta dish and I choked on a grape. A grape! Or you go for your favourite gammon dish and you're trying to elegantly cut the meat and all your garden peas end up on your dates lap. So yeah, I try to avoid meal dates as much as I can now haha!

What happened to the days when phones didn't exist and if you was meeting someone, you went and met them? You clicked instantly, fell in love, got married and if you had any relationship drama you fought through it rather than chucking the towel in. That's another problem these days... We'll save that for another post though eyy?

& just remember ladies
'If anyone can have it, you don't want it'
No one wants someone that's messaging/meeting everyone on the block. Sleaze balls make me gag! 

Chanelle Jade


  1. Haha this post made me laugh so hard, great tips though. I needed this a couple of days ago when I was shitting myself about going on a date and was going to say I was sick, had a good time though in the end x

    1. I was hoping that people would see the funny side (I don't have a black heart) I swear haha! Aww I'm glad you had a good time :) a successful date is always a bonus! xxx

  2. I think im glad i have a boyfriend i don't miss the horrid dating stage with the awkwardness! Although i loved the excitement! Great post! followed you sweetie! x


    1. Yeah I think you've got to learn to have fun with it all :) I just think 'sod it' now haha! Thank you beautiful xxx

  3. OMG i have some friends who are so ridiculous when it comes to this sort of stuff haha. Getting jealous of "top 3" friends on snapchat etc.. Hilarious post, i love it! xo

    1. hahaha!
      I have so many friends that get jealous over snapchat too *hands over face emoji* I think I'm far too laid back to care haha. I have just as many boy friends as I do girl friends so I look at it that way xxxxx

  4. excellent advice - totally loved this post! made me smile! xx PixiRella

  5. Hahaha love it. I am 25 and happily single. Some of my friends dont get how I can be single and happy... like they aren’t mutually exclusive. I am very content, independent and know what i want in life - and that is fine by me. I am moving to London next year, so maybe i shall find a man to fall in love with.... fingers crossed ;)

    Lucy x

    1. That's what I like to hear! You don't need a man/woman in your life to be happy. I enjoy being single... there's no arguments, I can wear what I want, there's no one trying to steal my man because I don't have one haha! and there's so many good looking men in London! Give me a shout when you move down, I might have to come and be your neighbour haha! xxxxxx


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