Friday, 3 May 2013

a little splurge.

Hello cheekies!
Hope everythings good?
I've spent most of my day snooping around Meadowhall, my feet are killing!
I picked up a few new bits whilst I was there.
(my lighting in my bedroom is shocking)
from that aren't really expensive?

Righty ho... Starting from the left!
Neon boyfriend T-shirt - Primark - £3.50
Statement necklace - Primark - £4.00
Tanned shoes - H&M - £10.00
Pink ballet shoes - H&M - £7.99
Cream hidden support PJ top - Primark - £2.50
Floral Vintage PJ bottoms - Primark - £6.00
All pants (i love new pants) - Primark - £1.70 each
& the last 2 vest tops in black and white - Primark - £2.50 each.

Just a quick blog today :)
Hope you're all ok?
Does anyone know where I can get some nice accessories

Chanelle Jade
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  1. Ahh I picked up that gold necklace the other day, primark have some lovely accessories in at the mo.
    Megan xx

    1. I love all the statement necklaces that are in at the min :) Primark seem to have a lot of on trend items at the moment too, which is good as they're a lot cheaper!


  2. I recently bought your yellow boyfriend tee in white, I find it so comfy x

  3. yeah it is really comfy :)
    I nearly got it in white too but I stopped myself as i tend to like a certain style and have to buy it in every colour ha


  4. Ooh, you got some really nice things :) I love the colour of the t-shirt :)

    Dusterknuckles | Fashion // Beauty // Lifestyle

  5. love the look of that yellow t shirt, I always get mine from topshop and they are crazy expensive for a bog standard t shirt, so will definitely be having a look at primark instead!


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