Friday 10 May 2013


Hope you're all fine and dandy!
So my blog today is going to be about one of my favourite May purchases.
As you already know I love the MUA make-up brand that you can purchase from any Superdrug drug store.
If I'm honest I've only ever tried their lipsticks, which I highly recommend you all to try.
But I saw this palette of theirs online and thought I'd give it a try.
I can't believe this eyeshadow palette was
ONLY £4.00.
The Palette comes with the double ended sponge applicator and has 12 lovely shades from nude to black. Perfect colours to create a natural smokey eye.
Top from left to right: Naked, Devotion, Shy, Fiery, Lavish, Dreamy.
Bottom from left to right: Tranquil, Exposed, Reveal, Wink, Obsessed, Corupt.
I must admit I'm not the best at applying eyeshadows as I've only just started wearing them really. So I'm trying to tackle this blending technique, I have to watch the tutorials on Youtube to help me out so if your anything like me have a look on there.
Step 1. Cover the base of the eyelid with shade Shy with the sponge applicator.
Step 2. Apply Lavish in the crease of the eye to create a pinky browny shade and blend with a blending brush.
Step 3. Patting gently on the eye with Shade Devotion up to about halfway across the eye getting lighter as you work to the inside of the eye.
Step 4. From the outter eye blend Shade Fiery about a third of the eye inwards.
Step 5. Use shade Corrupt (I blew my brush before applying to the eye) and just work it round the corner of the eye and into the crease.
Step 6. With a small slanted firm brush apply shade Corrupt as  you would apply eyeliner to the top and bottom of the eye.
And there you have it a natural smokey eye perfect for an everyday look :)
Excuse my eyebrows they're in need of a serious plucking the little slugs.
I really need to get use to applying eyeshadows I always feel like I've got too much make-up on when I wear it, kinder like a hooker or something but I love seeing other people with it on.
I can't wait to try some more of their eyeshadows and other make-up products now and you can't say no to the price's either as they make their make-up affordable for us all and for good quality too which you don't get often.
What's your favourite eyeshadow brand?
And does anyone know what colour suits green eyes best?
Chanelle Jade
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  1. Your make up looks gorgeous, the colours really suit you Hun. For green eyes golds browns and coppers look amazing on, so a lot of colours from this palette woo who. It does look like a gorgeous palette, I went in Superdrug the other week to pick this up but I was swayed over to the sleek palettes. After seeing this I defo do need to pick it up. Look amazing for £4!

    Megan xx

    1. I have one of the sleek palettes I got it with my Glossybox and I'm not too keen but to be honest the colours are a bit on the wild side for me ha. Thank you though lovely :) I will learn the bronze/golden smokey eye one day just means me watching many youtube videos! I deff recommend this palette though it's amazing for everyday use :)

      chanelle jade

  2. Hey Chanelle! What are you talking about? Your blending looks fab babe. It does take a long time perfecting it but the results in the end are so worth it! I can't believe I've only just heard about this palette though? £4!!!!? It's unheard of in make up! Talk about beauty on a budget!

    Thank you for sharing, I'll be off to Superdrug tomorrow then, ha ha!

    Lots of love XXXXXXX

    1. Hey :)
      ahhh thank you Jayde! this make's me feel better about putting it on now haha.
      deff recommend this palette though the shades are gorgeous for an everyday natural look :) Get yourself off to Superdrug! I can't stop buying their products now


  3. Love this! Can't believe the price, that's so good! I have green eyes too, and I use mostly golds but sometimes plum colours! The GOSH brand at Superdrug has a nice gold/brown coloured palette that I like to use with my green eyes :)

    Love your blog, definitely got a new follower!


    1. I tried having plum eyes yesterday.. I must admit I was a little scared at first as it's not my usual colour, but I loved it so thank you fot the heads up Chloe :)
      I'll have to take a look at the Gosh palettes too!


      now following you too :D

  4. this palette is seriously amazing haha! love the look you created :-) xxxx

    1. Thank you Laura! :D
      I'm actually obsessed with this palette now


  5. amazing blog baby!!
    What do you think about to follow eachother?
    I wait for you soon!

    1. Ahh thank you :)
      I'll take a look & follow



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