Wednesday 12 June 2013

JUNE 13'

I get really excited when mid month is slowly creeping up
& I know my GLOSSYBOX
isn't too far away.
I know... right?
I don't wanna sound ungrateful or anything but this month's box
was pants!
Especially after how good they've been to everyone as of recent.
So from left to right we have;

'Q- Body Spray'
I thought this was going to be quite nice and classy like the detail but naah.. It doesn't even smell nice! I was really thrilled with this product in all honesty.
Retail price - £2.99.

'Monu - Hydrating moisturiser SPF 15'
I've sampled Monu products before & I do really like what I've tested before, but this product isn't really my cup of tea as I can't say I'm a big sun protector.
(sounds so bad!)
I'll know when I'm 30 and I look like Madge off Benidorm haha!

Retail price for full size 50ml - £29.95.
'Paul Mitchel Curls'
Full circle leave in treatment.
I'm always willing to try something new on my hair so I can't wait to test the leave in treatment.
Full size Full circle leave-in treatment 250ml £14.95
Ultimate Wave 150ml for £11.95.
I need to find something that works with my hair it's such a frizz bomb!
At the moment I use Morocan oil & it's amazing. Not only how it works on my hair but it smells lush too. It is quite expensive though but it last's so long.
What do you use?
Hulle Prodigeuse OR.
So you can use this oil to hydrate your face, illuminate your body
& strengthen/hydrate your hair!
wowza 3 in 1 product here.. you don't get that often.
I'm looking forward to trying this out although oils aren't my favourite, too messy!
Retail price full size 100ml - £34.00
'Figs & Rouge'
Coco Rose Lip Balm.
I love the vintage packaging of this product it's well cute :)
& the balm smells beaut.
Balm's are so good for your everyday natural dress down days aren't they?
Although I'm finding it hard to get out of my nude lippy fix at the moment.
Retail price - £5.00

Hopefully next month's GLOSSYBOX will be better!
What did you get in your box this month? Was you as disappointed as me?

Chanelle Jade

instagram: @chanellejade
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  1. On a positive note, that balm looks lovely! Great post love! (:

    ♥ Sierra xx

    1. thank you chick!
      it is quite nice & smells gorgeous
      chanelle jade x

  2. Nice blog!!!!
    Would you like to follow each other?

  3. i always wondered whether to start getting a subscription to one of these boxes but would worry what you got in them in case you don't use any of the stuff. i've seen so many bad reviews on this month's box too which puts me off a little haha! xxx

    1. I know I've seen a lot of disappointed people this month with their boxes, it sucks! Hopefully they will up their game next month.
      chanelle jade x

  4. Oh wow your box looks a lot better than mine! I got white tacky glitter for the eyes, a perfume sample, a horrible brown nail polish, a skincare sample and the lip balm. I cancelled within minutes of the box arriving.. it's just rubbish what we''ve all been sent :( xx

    Gemma ♥ | Ɱiss Ɱakeup Ɱagpie

    1. I know I'm getting a little feb up with my boxes at the minute, I'm going to try out the latest in beauty boxes I think, they look a lot better than what we have been recieving.
      chanelle jade x

  5. Awesome products!!

  6. My friend was also super disappointed with her box this month!
    I still want to invest in them tho!
    I have followed your blog now!! Hope we can keep in touch

    Katie xxx

    1. I think quite a lot were disappointed this month, which is a shame :(
      I'm going to give it another month and see if much changes :)
      ahh thank you! of course we can
      chanelle jade x

  7. Lol, that lip balm looks promising though! I know what you mean when you receive a box and just feel disappointed at it on the whole.

    1. you do indeed.. it's gutting!
      it's a bit crap if i'm honest. The monu moisturiser has been my fave out the box so far.
      chanelle jade x

  8. hi ..thanks for commenting on my blog...would you like to follow each other?
    let me know...

  9. I wish we had glossyboxes in New Zealand! Love your blog - I'm a new follower!
    I'm doing a Review a Day week over on my blog where I review a different beauty product every day for a week - I would love it if you could check it out :)
    Ella x

    1. do they not have them there? that sucks!
      thank you, I'll make sure I follow you back lovely.
      chanelle jade x

  10. I actually love your whole blog and the layout, including the text. ^-^ I've actually been thinking of getting a glossy box and i've been looking around for reviews, do you think it'd worth it?
    I'm doing a "controversial topic of the week" over on my blog, take a look if you'd like!
    Again, amazing blog!

    1. that's lovely thank you sweetie ^^.
      I usually love my Glossybox but I didn't enjoy this month's box I'm pretty sure they will make up for it in July as a lot of people have complained.
      Just checked out your blog, great post btw :)
      chanelle jade x


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