Wednesday, 12 June 2013


Don't you just LOVE it when you get thing's for free
or next to nothing?

Love the Mac Eyeshadow in ricepaper I got this off eBay for £5.99
Eyelashes £1.00 from Primarni they look the same as Eyelure 140
The Loreal shampoo and Modelco Lip liner was out of GLAMOUR
mag and it was only £1.00 :o the product is worth £16.00.
It's a beautiful nude colour as well and it come's with a sharpener on the lid!
Why did no one ever think of this gadget before? It's brilliant.

Chanelle Jade
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  2. Ahhh you are my kind of blogger!! Cheap things make me things make me cry (of happiness of course)...arghh you just reminded me that I need to get the new issue of glamour, there's a lash fibre mascara that I really want, might have to get it tomorrow actually...ta bub...

    and you call it primarni too.... I have to follow you now! <3

    1. hahaha that made me LOL! you're my cup of tea.
      yeah you must, I LOVE my new lipliner that I got out of the mag. Can't go wrong at a £1.00 a magazine either...
      Now folloing you too chick :)
      Thanks for the sweet comment & follow

      Chanelle Jade x

  3. Love the products !



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