Monday 8 July 2013


Latest In Beauty - Glamour Box
As I was disappointed with my last Glossybox I thought I'd try out something new.
I'd heard quite a lot of good reviews about the Latest In Beauty  on here.
So I gave it a go...
A M A Z I N G !!

First of all whos tried it out?
There's so many beauty products compared to Glossybox.

Here's what I got inside my box
Instead of getting 5 products for £12.95 including P+P
I got 9 products for £14.99 including P+P
as you can see in the box.. there's so many more product's that you're going to use.

So I got
1. The PORE fessional - Benefit
2. Stilla - Lipglaze
3. Loreal - Super liner gel Intenza - (came with brush too)
4. Revlon - Nail polish
5. The Vintage cosmetic company - Tweezers
6. Jinny lash - falsh lashes
7. John Frieda - Frizz ease
8. Batiste - Dry shampoo
9. Ginvera - face exfoliator
It's fair to say that I will use every single product that I recieved.
Glossybox need's to go more beauty!!
What do you think to this beauty box?
Have you used any of the products that I received?
Totally enjoying this sunshine at the moment.. I spent all of yesterday in the swimming pool with my little brother's. Although I don't want to go to work in it today, I'd much rather be laid soaking up the rays in my back garden B)
Hope everyone's ok anyway, it's been a while!
Chanelle Jade
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  1. Such a nice box !

    1. I actually loved this box! I've used everything I that I received and I don't always find a do that usually with beauty boxes
      chanelle jade x

  2. This box looks amazing, it is such a good way to try different products.


    1. yeah I really recommend this type of beauty box it's really good :)
      followed you back chick!
      chanelle jade x


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