Saturday 2 November 2013

50 Random Facts About Me | Tag.

1. My name is Chanelle Jade, but my family call me by Jade. My granddad named me after Chanel no.5 perfume (I'm the 5th child).
2. I'm scared of the dark :o and I still sleep with the light on.
3. I hate mornings and daytime. Evenings and night time are my favourite time of the day.
4. I've studied in Health & Social care.
5. I still sleep with a teddy (his name is Ted).
6. Growing up my hobby became dancing. I use to go to ballet, tap, jazz and Irish dancing classes.
7. I can't sit in the same room with someone who 'slops' their chops when they're eating. I think I need hypnotherapy! It goes through me D: kind of like nails down a chalk board.
8. My eyes are green with yellow around the pupil? Someone once told me I had cat eyes? haha!
9. I'm very down to earth and don't see why there's people that look down on others.
10. I want to travel the world when I meet the right person. <3
11. I'm one of 7 children. Yes, my mum is kinder mental.
12. My birthday is February the 11th, which means my star sign is Aquarius.
13. I have been single for 2 years.
14. Resisting a packet or two of crisps is so hard for me.
15. I have 6 dogs. 4 Pugs and 2 French Bulldogs (Molly, Betty, Dorothy, Peggy, Frenchie & Fergie)
16. Pretty Woman, Clueless, P.S I love you, Ace Ventura, The Notebook and Save The Last Dance are my most overplayed movies.
17. When I get mad or angry with something I have to do the 10 second countdown to calm down.
18. I always wanted to have an Australian accent growing up.
19. I like the smell of cat food? (weirdo) haha and petrol.
20. I don't like fall outs and I HATE going to sleep on an argument.
21. My favourite board games are Party Mania, Scrabble and Cluedo.
22. I find it hard to open up to people.
23. I'm an Aunty to 5 nieces and a nephew. Christmas is quite expensive :)
24. I use to eat the full kiwi when my mum use to pack them up for me in my sandwich box.
25. I adore blogging in every way, shape or form. Thank you to you all <3
26. I've probably spent a year of my life playing on The Sims computer game.
27. I'm petrified of horses and E.T.
28. I live with my mum, dad, 2 little brothers and 6 dogs. My family mean so much to me <3 xo
29. I am a very hyperactive person.
30. I have flat feet.
31. I use to have the same nightmare about a joint of beef growing up o_O I use to wake up wet through, crying my eyes out and I had to tell my dad it was about a zombie or something stupid, because I couldn't tell him it was about some meat?! I've had the dream a couple of times in the last couple of years.
32. I once had a pee in one of my mums friends shoes. I wasn't drunk, I was a toddler at the time.
33. I'm from Yorkshire.
34. I love giving gifts to people.
35. Me and my family nearly moved to Canada once, woah imagine!
36. I love programmes about crime/prison etc.
37. I'm terrible at texting back.
38. My childhood nickname - Johnny! I didn't want to be a girl when I was little and I wouldn't respond to anyone that would call me by a girls name haha.
39. I'm scared of ladybirds! My sister use to fill smartie tubes full of them and chase me round the garden and pop the tube in my face :( My brother also put one down the back of my pants. Me and ladybirds haven't seen eye to eye really. Sorry ladybird lovers!
40. I don't know what I would do without caffeine. Mmm.
41. I wrote in a diary most days growing up. It makes me laugh when I read comments in it like 'I've got a hangover today. I drank too much shandy last night' or 'I had a piggy back from one of the boys in my class today. We are in love' LOL.
42. I cannot stand someone touching my feet or people putting their feet on me. YUK.
43. I love crystals, dream books, and all things weird.
44. I fancy the pants off of Johnny Knoxville and Jim Carrey.
45. Green is my favourite colour.
46. I use to have a hamster called Brian.
47. Going camping in Whitby is one of my favourite things to do in the Summer.
48. I still have TY beanie babies and troll dolls in my bedroom.
49. I sing my sentences quite a lot. Have you ever watched New Girl on e4? I get told my personality is a bit like Jess. Don't know if that's good or bad?!
50.  I once chocked on a beef hula hoop in college, baring in mind it was dinner time and the canteen was full. Someone had to smack me on the back, pull me in under the rubs and then it flew out onto someone's plate!!!! how embarrassing. I haven't had a packet since.

Well I hope you've enjoyed reading 50 random facts about me and I hope that I haven't scared you off. It was quiet hard to think of 50 things to be quite honest, so sorry if any of these are a little boring. Big thanks to Harriet over at Byootee for giving me a kick up the butt to get mine done :) I'd love to read more of these, so I tag EVERYONE that might fancy doing it.

Chanelle Jade


  1. Your birthdays the day after mine! :) xx

  2. You have some really interesting facts! The joint of meat nightmare fascinates me!
    Love these posts!

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic


    1. thanks hahaha! it's so weird. there's a meaning behind having this dream and it's not so nice (going by my favourite dream book) xx

  3. I can not be in the room with someone who slops there chops when there eating either Hun. Or people who gulp really loudly when the drink erghh even thinking of it makes my stomach go.
    Yes horses are majorly scary! There so big & unpredictable :/

    So funny that you used to eat the whole kiwi when you were little haha that can't of tasted to nice?!

    Loved reading this post huni, prob because I'm super nosey haha :p

    Maybe Its Megan Leigh xx

    1. thank god it's not just me haha! my next door neighbours little girl use to get told off for doing it and it's stuck with me ever since.
      oh I know ha! when the dinner lady caught me doing it she were in stitches and in total shock haha! I had no idea. it must of taken me ages to swallow it LOL. xx

  4. I feel the same way about caffeine! And the smell of petrol ahah :)

  5. Yay!! So glad you did it:) took a wee in one your mums friends shoes... Hahaha so funny!! I love Jess from new girl, it's a good thing :) she's hilarious! Lots of love xxxx

    1. hahaha! what ever possessed me to do that? right little odd ball xx

  6. Love these posts, it makes a blog a lot more personal!! How you got your name is so clever and cute :)

    1. me too lovely :) it's nice to get to know the person behind the blog isn't it? :) n'aww thank you. my name means so much to me due to my granddad choosing it xx

  7. Your house must be soo busy haha! I hate feet too xo

    1. oh it is.. all the time!
      there's always something going off haha.
      ewww aren't they yucky :( xx

  8. haha, I love the smell of petrol too! but cat food?!
    the feet thing is so similar with me, painted toenails are a must or I cant cope hahaha, so strange I know xx

    1. I really don't know what it is about cat food?! haha!!
      it's quite funny :) I wish they didn't bother me so much xx

  9. Love reading these, we have so many things similar. The Sims, evenings, Beanie Babies and caffeine? Yes please!!

    Belle xx
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. ahh yesss! you've made me want to have a night filled with all of these now :) <3 xx

  10. i love posts like this, lots of interesting facts and sorry but i had to laugh at the thought of you lying about your meat nightmare! x

    1. hahaha! my dad read this post last night and was in stiches about it.
      let me know if you do one :) I love a good read xx

  11. Love this babe!!!!! So sweet :)) I used to be scared of E.T hahahaha and im the same with lip smacking it makes me want to DIE!! great post :)) xxx

    1. I use to think he were at the bottom of my bed! every single night!!! I use to creep into my sisters bed and then she'd kick me out haha.
      I HATE SLOPPY CHOPS uhhh hahaha xx

  12. Ohhhh i used to love Beanie Babies! I have like a million of them, all with tags still on in case they become amazingly rare one day haha! Love these sorta posts - im so nosey. xx

    1. awww.. I had to re purchase some of mine due to my dad throwing loads away when my asthma was bad o_O I could of killed him!! me too hun, please do this one :) xx

  13. Omg I literally love reading these ahhaha! I might have to do one aswell soon. And omg people say I'm like Jess too hahaha... but I wish I was like Schmidt :( hahaha! You could literally afford to be stuck up if you wanted to omg, i'm glad your not but you literally could.. Your like super gorgeous...literally like victoria secret model haha! :)

    1. ahhhh me too! i'm ever so nosey :)
      no way! we'd probably get on like a house on fire then. my dad just stares at me constantly and asks me what the hell I'm doing haha!
      I will never ever ever ever ever be stuck up :) no matter how much money I have. you're so sweet! coming from a pretty little lady like yourself, thank you hun <3 xxxxx

  14. I love the fact you have so many dogs.. I'm seriously jealous. I can't wait to have my own French Bulldog..


  15. A personality like Jess is amazing!!! The dream about beef though, haha sorry made me giggle bless you. I love reading these tags. I used to go dancing too!! :)

    Claudia xx

    Beauty and the Chic

  16. aww beanie babies and trolls! nostalgia** i gave most of mine away but i do have some few beanie babies hidden somewhere ^^

  17. Haha you crack me up! This made me laugh. OMG how gorgeous is Johnny Knoxville... everyone thinks I'm weird when I say that!

    Love that you had a hamster called Brian, so cute :) x


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