Sunday 15 December 2013

Lush - Snow Fairy Review.


Snow Fairy is a MUST have body wash at Christmas time and is in fact one of my favourite products purchased from Lush. The only problem is that it's only released at Christmas time, so be sure to pick some up before it's off the shelves again. You can purchase this product at any Lush store or online at you can get this body wash in three different sizes. Mine is the smallest which is 100g for £3.50, then you can get 250g for £6,85 and then the large bottle, which is 500g costing £10.95. In all honesty the small one lasts me a long time and I find the bottles are also the perfect size for reusable travel bottles.
The body wash is a pale pink with pearlescent glitter particles shining through. Speaking of glitter. Does anyone else's dad go mad with them when they've had a lush bath bomb or body wash with glitter in the bath? Mine goes nuts haha! He always says he gets out looking like a disco ball or drag queen haha! Makes me want to do it even more thought hehe.
Now not only does it look pretty. It smells incredible too! That's if you like sweet scents anyway. I personally think it smells like those old sweets you use to get called pear drops. Can anyone remember them? But then again both my brothers said that it smelt like bananas, that could be a mans nose for you though haha!
I personally use the product as a body wash, but it can actually be used on your hair too. I haven't tried it on my hair as I'm trying to get my hair in good condition. So it's been having lots of oils and treatments tested on it instead.
Have you tried Snow Fairy before?
What's your favourite Lush body wash?
Chanelle Jade


  1. I love this one it's so cute and smells lovely !

  2. haha a drag queen! I would definitely do it more, hehe. I love this scent, it's one of the nicest from Lush! Sucks it only comes out at Christmas though :(

    Claudia xx | Beauty and the Chic

  3. I know soooo many bloggers who rave about this product, I must try it!! I'm missing out.

    Hannah x

  4. I kind of think it smells like banana's too. I love how sparkly and pink it looks but the smell has always put me off (I'm not a fan of banana scented things). My favorite scent from Lush this year was the Santa lip scrub. It smells exactly like Coco Cola to me. XD

  5. This is my faveeeeeeee :))) hehehe!!!! So pink and glittery!! XxX

  6. i've been wanting to try this out for ages and i love pear drops so hopefully it does smell like that haha i'm a new follower by the way:)

    love Katy @ THE RAWRDROBE

  7. Ooooo I really wanna buy this! Great review :)

  8. I have only recently bought my first bottle of this and have only used it once so far so I haven't quite decided if I like the smell or not yet. I do like it, but it definitely is very sweet so I'm trying to decide if it's a little too sweet for me x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

  9. Just found your blog and its gorgeous!


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