Thursday 13 February 2014

Benefit - Primping With The Stars.

Inside the most gorgeous packaging reveals 6 sample sized products from the Benefit range varying from lip tints to pore reducers. You can purchase this set from the Benefit website or in your nearest Boots store for just £26.50. I received mine as a birthday present from my sister, thank youuuu! I can't believe I'm 23! I got the most gorgeous vanity table from my parents as well. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you'll know what I'm on about ha.

So inside we have ...

Some Kind Of Gorgeous - foundation (medium)
I was dead excited when I opened the little box to see a sample of this foundation inside. I've seen sooooo many blog posts about it and I've always been intrigued by how it works and applies. I was shocked when I went to swatch the little gem and it just melted on my finger. When I applied the foundation to my face it wasn't cakey in the slightest and was buildable in coverage with a sheer finish. It's known to be a creamy to powder type of foundation?
Full price - £24.50

Girl Meets Pearl - Illuminator
Looking to add a little glow to your face that's not too extreme? This one works wonders! You can apply this underneath or on top of your foundation. I like to mix mine with my foundation to give that 'glow' to my every day foundation routine as I don't really like the matte look as it makes my skin look dried out. If I don't use this one then I use my L'Oreal lumi magique. I'm like a magpie when I see something that can highlight or illuminate my skin. The design of this product reminds me of the paige toon books, especially Lucy In The Sky? Anyone that's read the book will know what I mean.
Full price - £24.50

The PoreFessional - Primer
Suffer with large pores? This product could be for you! Although it didn't work for me... When I applied this product to my T zone it kind of crumbled all over my face. Kind of like someone had sprinkled dandruff all over my face in fact! 
I definitely wouldn't pay the full price for this product. I'd love to find something to reduce the size of my pores though, preferably some kind of skincare treatment rather than make up.
Full price - £24.50

Stay Don't Stray - Primer
This primer is mainly used for concealers and eyeshadows. It helps to keep your eye make up in one place. I love a good eye primer! As they make eyeshaows appear more vibrant, gives your eyes that POP of colour. I've used this primer previously and it's really good! Although I haven't found one that keeps every mascara in place yet. 
Full price - £20.50

They're Real - Mascara
Who hasn't heard of this mascara? If you haven't you've definitely been living under a rock! I've seen it everywhere and anywhere. To say how much I've seen this about it never really caught my eye as I previously had the 'Benefit - Bad Gal' mascara and thought it was really rubbish! Especially for the price. When I tried it out on Tuesday I was quite shocked by how good it were and I was super happy to see a small mascara applicator! I can't stand the big ones... it makes it soooo hard to apply. I loved how it made my lashes look, but it did appear to have another set of eyelashes on my skin after 2 hours! nightmare. If I could find a good primer I'd wear this everyday without fail.
Full Price - £19.50

Benetint in Rose
I've already got this Benetint in Rose which I got in a magazine.You can use this product to tint the lips or to the cheeks for a natural flush of colour. I don't really get on with this product to be honest I'm more of a lipgloss and blusher type of girl, but I know there's a lot of people that love it. I've seen some gorgeous pictures of the new tint in 'lollitint' recently on Instagram/Twitter etc. it looks super pretty! But no way ho zay would I pay the full price for this lip tint. naaah ahhh. 
Full price - £24.50

I've really enjoyed this little box of Benefit goodies so far and I look forward to reaching back to certain products especially over the summer. There's a couple of other products from Benefit that I'm lusting after such as the Hoola bronzing powder, the Bo-Ing industrial strength concealer and the Refined finish facial polish. Oh! And there body oil mists look amazing too! Too many pretty products I want to try.

Chanelle Jade


  1. This is such a great idea! and for £26.50, it looks as though you get a lot for your money! :D
    Great mini reviews :D
    Elephant stories and more

  2. This kit is amazing <3

  3. Oh wow ! I really want to try Benefit products !

  4. Girl Meets Pearl looks amaze! I love Benefit sets!

    Megan xxx
    Thumbelina Lillie | UK Beauty Blog

  5. Love the Paige Toon books! Definitely reminds me of Lucy in the Sky!
    For the first time ever im intrigued by the Some Kinda Gorgeous foundation... would love to try Stay dont Stray too.
    Got to love Benefit minis! xx

  6. fab post hun, love the look of this and the fact that you can remove them all from the packaging :)

    Abbie x

  7. I won this at a Benefit event before and loved it!
    Hope you had a fabulous birthday hun!xx

  8. this looks SOOOO good! Girl Meets Pearl looks soooo pretty!

    xxx | PixiRella

  9. This looks like such a gorgeous set, i really want to try this now i've seen your post!!xxx

  10. I got this for a christmas present! I absolutely adore it, such good value for money. Although it has got me hooked on most of the products and I am going to have to buy the full sizes when I'm finished haha :) X Emma


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