Friday 29 March 2013

You'll love this if you were a 90s' baby...

You may cringe a little also ;)

It made me laugh yesterday thinking about all the things we thought were cool 'back in the day'. When  I look back at the old photo's it makes me feel a little ill inside. I do wonder why it was even acceptable to walk around like it too?

So here we go..

1. You owned a Baby G watch
2. You owned a blow up bag or chair
3. You had a pair of combats with strings attached (uhhh)
4. You was forever in your gypsy skirts & tops
5. You collected toe rings
6. You had a few Tamagotchi's
7. You wore huge belts
8. You shopped at Tammy Girl
9. You had a pair of trousers that had a skirt over the top of them
10. You tied your jumper round your waist
11. You lived in your Adidas 'Poppers'
12. You had a big collection of TY beanie babies
13. You wore celtic patterned chokers and arm bands
14. Your hair was always tied up in scrunchies or down with butterfly clips in each side
15. You covered yourself in body glitter
16. Not forgetting your Spice Girls 'bubble wedges' haha!
17. You played Pokemon on a Gameboy
18. You listend to Steps, Blue, Five, Hearsay, S Club 7

I bet most of you can tick off everything on that list can't you?
Awful I know...

Well I hope you all enjoy your bank holiday weekend!



  1. Hahaha This has put me to shame i have worn and done everything from that list. My mum has a pic of me wearing a pair of the trousers with the skirt over the top, paired with the chunky spice girl shoes & hair twisted back with butterfly clips. Oh the horror!
    This has made me laugh!
    Megan xx

    1. hahaha!
      i look back at my photos and cringe everytime D:

      x x

  2. The combats with stings, I died reading that one! Urgh, I had some light blue ones and thought I was fly pimping in them :O haha xxx

    1. seriously don't know why we thought they were cool ha!
      and the tops with the netted sleeves... ahhh!

      tammy girl was my favourite shop!

      shame on meee!

      x x


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