Friday, 22 March 2013

fresh face.

happy friday everyone! hope all is good (minus bad mood about the snow)
I'm not too happy about it either, I just want a bit of sunshineee :)
I thought I'd blog about my favourite daily routine items anyway..
I always had clear skin throughout my teenage years and then BAM I hit 20 & I started getting spots. Whats all that about? Pssh total nightmare!
I've sampled so many cleansers, moisturisers & toners and only just found whats best suited for my skin... 2 years later! I still get the odd spots but who doesn't? It's only normal guys don't let it get you down.

I perform the same routine morning & night



I wash my face with a dermalogica product 'WASH OFF' and if I ever run out I just use an ordinary soap, which works just as good.

The toner I use is from the PREMAE SKINCARE range. It's a little expensive but it's the only product that has helped with my bad skin recently. Plus it's gunna last you a while anyway. What I like about this product is that it's a natural brand that's100% allergy-free.
You should always make sure you moisturise as the toner often drys out your skin
I use quite a heavy night time cream.
you can purchase this from any local shop, supermarket etc.

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