Sunday 24 March 2013

lip, lip, lippy....

afternoon bloggers!

so I thought I'd write a quick blog on my favourite lipsticks at the moment.
my favourite make at the minute is MUA not only the shades but they are so cheap too!
I got mine from a local Superdrug store costing only £1.00 each :o
you can also purchase these on their website

 1st lipstick - MUA lipstick shade 1 (which is a deep vintage red) - £1.00
this lipstick looks so nice on it's always a toss up between this shade or the MUA bare.
2nd lipstick - MUA lipstick shade 14 'BARE' - £1.00 (nude)
perfect for every day look, this is my favourite lipstick out of them all at the moment :)
3rd lipstick - REVLON, 477, BLACK CHERRY - £7.49.
the shade of this lipstick is a deep purple, makes an outfit look 'edgy'
4th lipstick - GOSH velvet touch lipstick, 60, lambada (quite a vibrant red) - £6.49

All purchased from Superdrug store.


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