Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Afternoon my little bloggers
Hope you're all ok?


How cute is my little jumper?
ahh (^^,)
I got this jumper from Urban Outiftters.
it was £45.00.
I must admit I am totally Pug crazy.

The pale palstel pink shirt underneath
is from H&M this was £19.99.
It looks really nice paired with
some light denim skinny jeans.
But I paired it up with a light grey
 tube skirt from H&M which was £3.99
 and some plain black tights.
I need to invest in a good camera,
 I do have to apologise the quality
 of these pictures aren't very good,
 stupid iPhone!
I've had a bit of a boring week tbh! & I wasn't happy as my baby puppies now have new homes, waaaah. I get too attached to them every single time. I'll never learn!
Really looking forward to this weekend though. I'm going out around Sheffield on Saturday with my sister and a few of the girlies. It feels like it's been ages since I last went out.
Also I've recently had an awful breakout in spots :( does anyone know anything that helps reduce them, I need a clear face ASAP (wishful thinking, I know!) nah but if you know of any good products to try could you let me know?
thank you
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  1. Your hair is amazing.. I am so jealous! Such a cute jumper xx
    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. ahh thank you! :)
      I love urban outfitters its just a little pricey

      chanelle jade

  2. Aww love your jumper and your hair :O AMAZING.
    I used to breed my bulldogs and I would get so attached to the pups & there's always one that you get super attached to :( what dogs do you have Hun? Pugs?

    Origins Super Spot Remover Blemish Treatment Gel is amazing stuff for spots. Put a tiny bit on a cotton bud & put it directly on the spot, next day it's gone or halfed in size.

    Megan xx

    1. thank you dear :)
      n'aww I love bulldogs they're super cute.
      I have 5 Pugs and 1 French Bulldog, So anything Pugish or like my Frenchie then I have to buy it I'm terrible. Crazy dog woman ha!

      I'll have to get some
      Thankfully they don't look too bad now but I'll deff try that product, thank you! :D


  3. The pic of your puppy in the side bar is sooo cute, I love pugs!
    I'm getting my shih tzu in 3 weeks can't wait!
    This jumper is amazing haha

    Rachael -

    1. n'aww thank you! ^^,
      that's my little Lola shes 3 days old
      ahh so exciting, nothing beats puppy/dog snuggles. Are you getting a male or female?


    2. Aww she's ridiculously cute!
      I'm getting a male - not long now :D xx

      Rachael -

  4. Cute jumper :)

  5. I love the top!

    Oh no, sorry to hear the puppies have new homes. That must suck, I think I would get too attached also!

    Corinne x

    1. Thank you! :)

      I hate parting with them every time D:
      but I have a 3 day old puppy which was a total surprise so it's not too bad after all.


  6. You look so prettttty. :)

    Maybe you should drink hot water. Heard it helps!


    1. Thank you for the tip and the lovely compliment ^^,
      (but I wish) D: ha!


  7. Ahh you look really pretty here and I love your jumper!!
    Toothpaste and sudocreme are good at drying out spots if you sleep with it on overnight :)
    Looking forward to following you and seeing more of your posts!
    If you have a spare moment would you fancy checking out mine?
    If you like what you see maybe follow back? Or feedback/comments are always appreciated :)

    1. thank you lovely, I'll give them a try :)
      I have found a really cheap product that's cleared my skin up its on my next blog up from this.
      course I can, I'll follow you now lovely


  8. Love your jumper!
    S xx


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