Sunday 7 April 2013

this weekend.

hey everyone!
I have to share with you some of my fave buys this month. Like this cut out midi dress from
it was only £24.99 too.
I chose khaki as it is one of my favourite colours at the minute, was quite surprised how nice it looked on too. I also wore my boots from missguided, love these boots they're so comfy and make me feel & look quite tall! I'm only 5ft3 :( wahh shorty!

I also added this bangle in with the dress and boots. It caught my eye straight away. Quite a brassy gold with pearl balls, so cute! I love these little vintage bangles.
This was from H&M

So it was the
'Grand National' this weekend and to be honest it's never really interested me before, but I noticed a lot of my friends were taking part so I thought I would have a go. I chose 3 horses and only one of them came in 2nd place so I didn't really win much but it was so  much fun! :) The weather was lovely yesterday.. Its awesome how a bit of sunshine can change you mood instantly. Today I'm just going to chill in my slobby clothes, light my yankee candles, watch films & eat lots of naughty food!
I hope you've all had a lovely weekend!


  1. What a neat cut out dress, what fun for a night out :) that ice cream looks delicious!

  2. Love that dress, especially the leather detail xx

    1. thank you!
      I believe it's been reduced down to £11.00 bargain!



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