Friday 26 April 2013


Heyup cheekies!
So I've seen and read a lot of posts on here about 'what's in my make-up bag'
I'm always one of the last to jump on the band wagon.
A Pug make-up bag of course!
This was a present from my little brothers at Christmas
I believe it's from Next not too sure how much it was though.
So this is what I carry with me in my bag on a daily basis.
No wonder my bag is always so heavy! :o
I suppose I always think well you never know when you may need a touch up or if you end up staying over somewhere, I'd hate to be without my 2nd face.
From the left to the right:
(missing out the make-up brush)
as I can't remember where I got this or the price.
1. L'OREAL Paris mascara - Lash Architect - Midnight black 
 £12.99  Purchased from Boots drug store.
2. Rimmel London - Eyebrow pencil - 001 Dark brown
£2.99 from Boots but you'd be able to pick one up in most drug stores.
3. L'OREAL Paris infallible foundation - 260 golden sun
4. Witch naturally clear - blemish stick
£2.89 this was also purchased from Boots drug store.
It's reall good for fresh spots, takes away the swelling etc. I've only just starting using this product this week as well, I'm quite impressed.
5. MeMeMe beat the blues - highlighter
I didn't buy this it came within a GLOSSYBOX.
But I love it! I apply it under my brow arch and in the corners of my eyes on a big night out.
6. Love me, love me not - Double sided mirror 
I picked this up from Claire's Accssories - £4.50
It's so cute.
7. (The Pink Blusher) GLOSSYBOX Blusher - Glossy rosewood
again this was sent in a GLOSSYBOX - such a nice colour to add to your cheek bones for the Spring/Summer.
8. Rimmel Natural Bronzer - 021 Sunlight - I don't really use any other bronzer's other than Rimmel and the very odd occassion I will treat myself to Benefit.
I got this from Boots - £5.59
What do you keep in with you on a daily basis?
Are you as bad as me?
Ok stop been nosey now!
I've just tanned myself with St. Tropez Bronzing Gel
I have no idea why I didn't do this last night as I've gotta walk round all day now looking like a wotsit! D: waaaah.
I hate how the lotion goes on it always looks so streaky, but it has the best results tan wise once I've had a shower and got all the mucky bits off. I'd say this is the only tan that doesn't smell like Hobnob biscuits too, BONUS!
I'm really looking forward to going out tomorrow night.
I hope y'all have a lovely weekend anyway.
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go on, you know you wanna.


  1. I'm totally breaking out at the moment, probably to do with exam stress, and really need to get a spot stick...! This witch one sounds like it might be up my street.

    lots of love, megan xx

    1. I've never really found that any spot/blemish sticks work but this one is really good and helped my skin clear/go down for the weekend thankfully!

      stress always brings out spots, try to drink plenty of water.


  2. Hey Hun, I've nominated you for the Leibster Award. If you would like to find out more pop over to my page :)
    Megan xx

    1. ahh that's lovely!
      I'll have to check it out to find out more, but thank you so much :)


  3. hi jade comment on my blog please xxxxxxx

  4. I used the Which stick years ago and don't know why I never repurchased, it's so good.
    Hope you had a good night and not feeling too rough ha xx

    Rachael -

    1. one of my favourite purchases :)
      the only thing that work's for me

      i had a good night thank you
      i remember spending the next day in bed but it was worth it ha


  5. Lovely blog!! Now following you, you can check out my blog and follow back via GFC or Bloglovin' if you wish(:


    1. thank you lovely :)

      course I will


  6. I am so nosey lol, I love these posts! Nice to see a bit behind the blogger - Newest follower Laura PS loved your dress in todays post x

    1. me too! I like to know what everyone uses day to day so I can try something new ha.

      thank you :)
      such a lovely blog that you have!



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