Monday 14 April 2014

Trilogy - Rosehip Oil

Do you suffer with scars? Then look no further!

Trilogy - Rosehip Oil (rosa canina - rosehip - seed oil) is an amazing organic oil that helps to reduce/fade scarring, stretch marks, blemishes, wrinkles and fine lines. You can also use this oil on skin that is looking for a little hydration. I was a little unsure to purchase this product as it's an oil and I have heard that oil's can block your pores and cause major breakouts. Now because I purchased this product to reduce scarring from spots/acne I was a little scared to apply just in case I did get any break outs. I'm always the same when trying out new skincare - nightmare! 

I've been using this oil now for about 5 weeks and I've noticed a difference in my skin condition and scars. Going back 5 weeks - my skin had so many dark markings from spots that I'd picked and poked at (naughty. I know) and my skin has always look and dry in most places. I was very self concious about my skin without my foundation on. My foundation was kind of like my comfort blanket. It's silly that we feel this way, but it really does get you down. My skin is looking so much better already and I've only been using the product just over a month. My scars have faded so much. My sister pointed out to me when I was down Brighton that my scars are hardly noticeable any more, but I still feel like they are. I won't be happy until they've completely gone I don't think - women ayy! My skin is no where near as dry either, which I'm so happy about, There's nothing worse than a flakey face. YUK.  I feel a lot more confident about my skin than I did a few weeks back. One day I may post my before and after pictures, but for now I'll hold off. I have got to find my prince charming one day ha.

Remove all make-up and apply to a bare cleansed face
Apply 2-3 drops to the area
Gently rub into skin
It states to do this AM/PM - although I  just apply at night time
DO NOT apply to broken skin

Purchased from:
for just £13.50 as it was on offer at the time. It does usually cost £16.50 and that is for 20ml. There is free UK delivery with this website though. yay! we love a freebie, right?

Sorry to anyone that saw me purchase this product weeks back. I think it's important to hold back on blog posts when it comes to skincare as you need to give it a few weeks for the product to work and for your skin to get use to it. I once made the mistake of mentioning how good a product was (I'd used it 2 days) after that my skin was a complete mess. It's important to me that I give you an honest review in my eyes. I hope all is well anyway everyone and I hope you enjoyed today's post.

what's your favourite product to use for scarring or blemish prone skin?

chanelle jade



  1. sounds like a great product! lots of love, x

  2. This sounds amazing, I also have some acne scars which I'm trying to fade out. I completely agree about foundation being a comfort blanket; I wish my skin looked good enough without it for me to go bare-faced but I just don't think it does!

    Kasia's Beauty Diary

    1. yeah me too!
      definitely need a few minutes in jamaica at the minute too. so pale! it's really, really good though. definitely in my re-purchase list xx

  3. I've never tried anything from Trilogy before, but I so want to try this... everyone raves about how amazing it is and my skin is so dry that it loves oils too! xxx
    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. It's so good Gemma.
      There's a really good one in bodyshop with rosehip oil and vitamin E in it as well. It's like this but in a white and baby pink bottle :) xx


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