Thursday, 7 May 2015


So todays post is something a little bit different to usual. Within todays post I'm going to be sharing the make up look I'd go for if I was to attend a red carpet event (a girl can dream). So think Golden Globe, Oscars etc.

The celebritie that totally rocks my world with these kind of events is always going to be Cara Delevingne. I absolutely love it when she turns up with a bold statement lip and lets those unruly eyebrows of hers free. She looks the part, yet rock and roll at the same time if you know what I mean? And you know me, I never like to look too tidy haha. Now if I was to choose a celebrities wardrobe for a formal event it would have to be Blake Lively! That girl is just beyond perfect! Her hair, make up, clothes, man ... everything! Although I did love that red dress that Rita Ora turned up in at the Golden Globes. It's just too hard to choose one babe isn't it? There's just too many!

Did you know that House Of Fraser is the title sponsor of the BAFTAS? You can see more about this on the House Of Fraser website just here - House Of Fraser

Foundation: MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC25
Concealer: Maybelline erase me
Bronzer: MAC - Gold Deposit & Rimmel Sunkissed 
Highlight: The Balm - Mary Lou Manizer

Liquid eyeliner: Collection liquid eyeliner
Browbone: MAC Eyeshadow 

Lip Liner - Illimasque 1B1

Don't forget to join House Of Fraser on Sunday 10th May for the British Academy Television Awards #BAFTATV

Chanelle Jade
In collaboration with House Of Fraser*


  1. Love the glow on the face then the glam lips!


  2. Such a pretty makeup ! Love the lipstick !


    1. lady danger is gorgeous isn't it? i need some more mac lipsticks in my life! xxx

  3. FLAWLESS! That lip shade looks amazing on you, just give me your face!!!!
    xprincessjas | ♥

    1. shall we do a face off like that film? I'd happily go ahead babe haha! mwaaaah xxxx

  4. You look absolutely stunning Chanelle! xx

  5. Oh my life *heart face emoji* such a beautiful look, you need to do more make up posts like this the makeup is flawless xxxx

    1. Really??? I feel like I'm a massive flop when it comes to make up, but I'll definitely give it a go for you babe! mwaaaaah thank you so much!!!! xxxxxx

  6. Oh my life *heart face emoji* such a beautiful look, you need to do more make up posts like this the makeup is flawless xxxx


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