Sunday 11 August 2013

17 - Wild Metallics Eyes

When I popped into Boot's recently I picked up one of the 17 - Wild Metallic Eyes.
I'd watched one of my favourite Blogger's put up a video on her YouTube with her recent buy's and this was one of them that she had recommended.

It has a creamy mousse formula.
I find them really easy to apply.
I chose 'Wild Nude' as I thought it would go with most eye shadow's and could be worn as an every day colour.

It was only £3.99!!
You get quite a lot in the tubs too unlike most packaged like this where they use more glass than product.

You can wear this as a light colour or you can build the product up to make it more noticeable.
I will pick some more of these when I get chance to pop into boot's again.
Have you tried any of the wild metallic eye creams?
Chanelle Jade
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  1. I saw this is Zoe's haul, it looks lovely when swatched as well, i might have to get this.


    1. Thats exactly where I saw the product and thought I'd try it out. I came across her blog recently she's so funny!
      I would recommend the product though its good for the price.
      Chanelle Jade

  2. The shade is gorgeous !

    1. It looks lovely on and so easy to apply :)
      Thank you
      Chanelle Jade

  3. These look really nice :) I will have to try them!
    I've just tagged you in my most recent post if you wanna have a look:)

    1. They are fab! :)
      I'm trying to test different products as I'm stuck in a rut recently using the same old stuff that I've used for so long.
      I'll definitely check it out chick :D thank you for tagging me xx

      chanelle jade

  4. Oo they remind me of the Maybelline Colour Tatto's.
    Really want to try these!
    Thanks for following me by the way, was already following you :) xo

    Rachael |


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