Wednesday 14 August 2013


Ok so I've been looking for a bronzer which is really shimmery.
For the odd occasion when my skins really clear & I'm all tanned.
When I came across 'Collection - Mosaic Glow' I purchased it straight away from Amazon for just £2.99. Can't really complain can at that price, can you?

Look how highly pigmented the bronzer is.
It is sooooo good!
You do only need a little bit on your brush
 blow/tap off any access, don't want to look like one of those umpa lumpa's!
I think this will look so nice when you've got a tan or done your weekly sneaky fake tan.
Add a dash across your collar bone & up your pins for a super 'glow' look.
Here's a little swatch below

Now that I'm pleased with a shimmery bronzer.
I'm onto the next mission to find a nice matte bronzer... Now it seems that most people recommend the 'Benefit - Hoola Bronzer' as it's perfect to contour. (Yes I'm finally learning how to contour)
Got to get down with kids haven't you ha ha!
Any other recommendations? Or is this THE one? :)
I'm currently sat writing this post with my streaking cap on
*suuuuper sexy*
Adding more blondes/caramels to my hair.. Can never leave it be!
Hoping it turns out ok.. Fingers crossed!
Hope you're all having a loving week anyway!
Chanelle Jade
Twitter: @jadeeplant
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  1. that's def shimmery! i love the way you have photographed it. I would say hoola is my fav. I'm not down with contouring, I would love to be. hehe
    now following x

    1. It really is! You have to be careful not to end up looking like a clown ha ha! I've just had a look on the Benefit site and seen so many thing's I want to buy.
      Thanks chick, already following :)
      chanelle jade xx

  2. This looks so good!! Will definitely check this out :)

    1. I really like it for the days you want that extra sparkle :)
      chanelle jade xx


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