Sunday 11 May 2014

MAC Lustreglass - Love Nectar

MAC Lustreglass - Love Nectar

Love Nectar is a gorgeous nude, more of a peachy-pink colour with gold specks of glitter shining through it, not glitter ball glitter - subtle. It has just the right amount of shine, colour and glitter for a natural everyday lip. It's definitely a 'go to' lipgloss and is perfect for all year round. 
So it's great for day to day wear or paired with a dark smoky eye for a night out, especially when worn over a nude lipstick. I went for this lip gloss on impulse, but I'm so glad I did. I wouldn't of gone for this Lustreglass if I was purchasing it online due to the name. You'd of expected something bright and orange wouldn't you? This L'Glass is just beautiful and so up my street. I will definitely be re-purchasing. 

What MAC says - 'Two high-powered effects. Lustre and glass - in one new lip finish. This amazing onramental finish shines the lips with hi-shine overlaid with various tones of pearlized glazed. Beyond sexy. transcends all known shine'. 

I can only agree with MAC on this one!

MAC Lustreglass has a brush applicator making it so much easier to manage and apply the lipgloss. I prefer it to your typical doe foot - sponge applicator, they can be a little stiff sometimes. The consistency of the gloss is thick and sticky, but not gloopy! I find that the consistency makes my lips look fuller than usual and that the stickiness helps the product to last longer on the lips. It does last quite a long time on, so long as you're not eating. The scent of this gloss is vanilla - shock! Which can only mean it smelling super yummy (of course). 

The only down part is how much lipgloss you get for £14.00 - it's not much or maybe I'm greedy? I do go through lip glosses so quickly though. I'm forever topping up as the day goes on. If only it would stay put all day. I blame The Sims for false expectations haha! 

I'll definitely be re-purchasing! MAC you never fail to impress. I have a feeling this lipgloss is going to be in my 2014 favourites... 

What is your favourite gloss from MAC?

Chanelle Jade

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  1. Such a gorgeous colour, MAC lipglasses are so sticky though:(
    Katherine Rose | Uk Beauty Blog

    1. Lustreglass aren't as sticky as lipglass :)

  2. I've got this and it looks gorgeous paired with MAC pure zen :) x


    1. I bet that looks gorgeous :)
      I was only looking at that lipstick the other day xx

  3. It looks super cute !

  4. its a lovely nude lipgloss im following you on google friend connect! lots of love x

    1. it's my favourite at the minute
      you too rachel :) x

  5. need this lipgloss in my life! looks perfect!


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