Wednesday 7 May 2014

Product Of The Week #2 - SAMY - FAT HAIR

Samy - FAT hair "0" calories

Do you suffer with fine fly away hair? This product may be the one for you!

Samy - FAT hair is a thickening creme that will help give your hair great volume, thickness and fullness. Let me just state - it does what it says.  I've been using this product for many, many months now. Although I don't use it every time I dry my hair, but at least once a week and definitely on the day of a night out. Samy - FAT hair makes styling your hair so much easier and gives you that extra omft.
I always receive comments on how large my hair is, which I hope is a good thing! - 'That's why her hair is so big, it's full of secrets' - Mean Girls. That would definitely relate to me ladies haha. This is one of my key ingredients though and of course my back combing brush. The bigger the better in my eyes. 
The scent of this product reminds me of my favourite sweeties (fruit salad-chewits). It smells so good that I could lick it! Please DO NOT do that though ha ha.

How I apply:
  • I wash my hair like I usually would (2x shampoo, 1x conditioner)
  • I then towel dry my hair. Don't be too rough though ladies! I just usually squeeze the towel into my hair.
  • Take a pea sized about of the product and work though the hair from root to ends. 
  • Blow dry that hair! This will use the product to it's full potential. I find by blow drying I get volume, thickness and fullness. If you're not one to blow dry you can just leave it to dry naturally and you will still notice a thickness to your hair.

One of the great things that I found about this product, other than it making my hair huge! Is that the product didn't leave my hair feeling greasy or heavy. You know that feeling when you can feel the product in your hair? I suppose it's applying the right amount though and everyone's hair is different. Now if you were to ask me if 'I would I buy this product again?' YES! and guess what? I already have. In fact most of my family are using this stuff now.

Purchased from my local Superdrug drug store for just £5.99 and is currently on offer at £2.97 - bargain! 

What's your favourite product for adding thickness and volume?

Chanelle Jade

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  1. I so need volume and fullness! Will be trying out. X

    1. I can't cope with my hair when it's flat as a fart. It's a must :) xx

  2. This sounds so good! Would love to try it xo

  3. good to know about this product! =D

  4. I think I should try this out!! Thick hair is so adorable.


    1. Thick hair always looks good doesn't it? x

  5. Oh wow this sounds amazing! My hair is so annoying, so this sounds ideal xx

    Gemma //

    1. It works really well on my hair :) My hair get's me in a mood most days (the joys of being a woman) I think haha xx

  6. Thanks for this product review. Fine hair is such a pain, definitely will give this a look


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