Wednesday 15 April 2015



Can we all just take a moment to appreciate my gorgeous new bag from Etsy. I've been looking all over for one of these bags for about a year and I couldn't find one in a pattern that I liked, until I came across this one on the Etsy website and the fact that this bag was made and shipped from Thailand makes it even cooler than it already is. Do we like?

Now I'm not usually one to support a turtle neck, but I thought this little top from New Look gave the look of a turtle neck, without it being as high as they usually are. I think because I have a long neck anyway they just don't suit me at all, but I must admit I'm really liking this ribbed high neck style and I'm loving this rusty orange shade at the minute also. I feel like this colour is gonna be with me all Summer.

I've had some time off blogging this week (yup I didn't have any blog posts scheduled or anything. I'm such a bad blogger). I needed the time off just to get my day to day life back on track and I've re-vamped my bedroom eeeek. It's gone from super cute vintage shades to a very clean/sleek looking bedroom. I've gone for white and a very pale grey with mustard accessories. It looks so lovely, but I have no idea what I'm going to do when it comes to fake tanning. I'll regret buying those white bed sheets for sure!

Hope you're all ok anyway!

Chanelle Jade

Trench coat: H&M
Armlet: H&M
Ring: Primark
Jeans: River Island (slit them myself)
Shoes: Public Desire


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