Tuesday 22 October 2013

NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss - Natural


So this is one of the NYX Cosmetics - Mega Shine lip glosses and I really do like it. The gloss just seems to glide onto the lips with the perfect shine to it. It doesn't feel too heavy or cakey either, which does put me off glosses sometimes. There's nothing worse than wearing your hair down and the wind blowing in your face with a sticky gloss. You end up looking like you've got mega hairy lips, put it that way!
I've been looking all over recently for a lip gloss that complimented my natural lip colour, something that didn't look too fake on the lips for an everyday look. Naturally my lips are quite dark and I don't like the colour what so ever, but it's time to embraced them! Eyy.. maybe this is the reason why I like my nude lips so much? Well, I've found the perfect one! I got this gloss in the shade 'Natural' and it's so, so pretty. You apply the gloss with the doe foot applicator, which may I point out makes this super easy. Then away you go.
The packaging of this gloss is very sturdy, sleek and cute (if you like bows) personally I would prefer the gloss without the bow on top, god there's no pleasing some of us ;) haha.
I can't believe how many people slate the smell of this lip-gloss. I actually really, really like it. To me it smells like cute little cherries. Did anyone have that doll when you were younger that you fed cherries to off of that green spoon? It smells just like that! Perfect scent for this time of year too. A lot of people compare it to the smell of cough syrup?! I wish my medicine tasted like this.

Overall, these little buggers are fabulous!
They stay on, they aren't stick,  lovely and creamy, inexpensive and come in so many beautiful shades. Have I sold it to you yet? haha. I know my last 3 posts have been about NYX Cosmetics, but this is the last one... until next time hehe!

If you'd like to purchase one of these, mine were only £4.00 in the NYX sale.
I got mine from the NYX website below.

Hope you're all ok anyway boys & girls!
I'm so excited for Christmas, are you? I'm wanting to get my Christmas shopping finished ASAP, but I'm in need of a new camera so, so bad.... this = me selling my life on eBay D: and putting myself on a spending ban. I just don't think I can do it.

Chanelle Jade



  1. this is such a pretty colour, the only NYX lip product I've tried so far is one of their jumbo lip pencils and I love it :) I hear Next are starting to stock them though, so I think I'll definitely be treating myself to a few pieces- where do you buy yours from just the Nyx website? x


    1. :O NO WAY?!? this is the best news eveeeer!!
      I need to try one of those next time :) yeah I got mine off the NYX website, but they do have a delivery charge xx

  2. Love that colour! Looks fabulous! xx

  3. I'm looking forward to your eyebrow tinting post now! :)
    Thanks for your comment on mine!


    Hannah x

  4. Woo your on a NYX roll mrs. Yes the little curly haired doll that eats cherries off the spoon aww I remember that, & your right the smell is really similar I didn't even think of that before. Lovely natural colour too huni.
    Maybe Its Megan Leigh xx

    1. i'm glad someone knows what I mean haha! I use to love that doll :) and thanks it's so pretty for an everyday wear xx

  5. I've never tried any NYX products, I love this colour, it looks stunning on you!!

    Alexandraindia ~ check out my blog? ~ http://iridescentindia.blogspot.com

  6. firstly... your tan girl! a little jealous not going to lie!
    The lipgloss is such a pretty colour, need to have a mooch on that webby!

    Rheya, xxx | PixiRella

    1. you do sweetie :)
      haha well I added some tan so I look slightly overboard on these pictures (woopsie) it was only one of those gradual tans too xx

  7. Going to have to have a look at their website. I really like this shade, very natural but cute as well. I like how distinctive the colour is. Thanks for this post!

    Dash xx

    1. thank you lovely :) yeah I really recommend these glosses they feel so nice on the lips xx

  8. I LOVE these so much! They are definitely a go-to gloss for me. My favorite is Beige! It is the perfect pink.



    1. Ooo i'll have to try that one, thanks lovely :) xx

  9. I wanna try this! gonna pickup from my local drugstore this week =)

    1. I wish I could just pick NYX up, hope you like lovely :) xx


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