Saturday 19 October 2013

NYX Round Lipstick in Iconic

 I have no idea why this top picture has made the lipstick look like it's a berry shade

NYX Cosmetics
LSS Round lipstick in 'Iconic'
& the Slim lip pencil in 'Nude Pink'.
So I finally made my first order with NYX, yayyyy! 
& I'm over the moon with my new little purchases (yes there's more).
Which means you'll have to come back and have a little nosey to see what else I picked up.
So I decided to try one of the famous 'Round Lipsticks' & YES that is a pink lipstick that I now own :o I cant believe it either.
Iconic & Nude Pink
here is a swatch of the lipstick & liner when applied to my lips.
First of all I have to tell you all how shocked I were when I first applied the lipstick to my lips. It is the most moisturising lipstick that I own and I instantly fell in love. It is AMAZING! The LSS Round lipsticks are a mineral-based emollient formula , which offers a beautiful velvet texture and a gorgeous colour pay off. Especially for the price I only ended up paying £2.50 for this lipstick. Reduced from £4.00 in their sale online. Everyone loves a bargain! What better way to test lipstick shades though? Can't say no with that price & there's 144 shades to choose from.
The shade itself is a pretty rose-nude with a touch of mauve, it's so pretty and subtle for an everyday look. I bet it look's lovely paired with some smoky eyes as well for when you're off to paint the town red. I never really got that saying, so I don't even know why I've just wrote it haha.
I'll definitely be going back for some more, you can never have enough lipsticks girls and boys :)
I wanted to buy 'Tea Rose', but it were out of stock, waaah.
As you can see the NYX slim lip liner is a must have for a natural nude shade looking lip with a slightly pink hue. So it is a perfect match for this lipstick and any other nude/natural lipstick that you may own. I really do rate these lip liners. They are easy to apply, blend able and so smooth on the lips. For just £3.50 you can't grumble. There's also lots & lots of shades to choose from with these too.
The only negatives about the lipstick is that it doesn't stay put, but I wouldn't really expect something not to budge when it's that moisturising on the lips. Then the finally point I have to make is RESEARCH the shade you're looking at buying as the swatches online are completely different to the lipstick shade. The best thing to do is to type in the name of the shade into Google e.g. Iconic swatches to show you the real shade that it is. 
Have you tried the round lipsticks?
What's your favourite shade to wear?
If you wish to purchase anything from NYX Cosmetics, there is a link to their website below.
Chanelle Jade


  1. Gorgeous shades! xx

    1. perfect for this time of year aren't they :) xx

  2. The lipstick and lip liner look gorgeous together! Great combo! Xxxx

    1. such a good match :) the lip liner also look's great with some other glosses I purchased xx

  3. I hate when you take a picture of lipstick and it changes the colour of it!! Great post Hun loving the lip liner it's a great match x x x


    1. there's nothing more annoying! you need the perfect lighting xx

  4. Lovely shade !

  5. you are finding the perfect autumn shades, making me want to be more daring with my make up x

  6. Your going to be hooked on NYX too :) I'm yet to try one of there round lipies, but they do sound lovely.
    Can't believe its your first pink lipie :o looks lovely on you Hun!
    Maybe Its Megan Leigh xx

    1. haha I never really thought that pink suited me.. it is slowly growing on me, finally!
      you need to pick one up lovely :) they feel so so good & I'll definitely be ordering more from them :) xx

  7. the shades are really different on the pictures online, i bought one shade just to see why a lot of people are raving about it, but the shade wasn't what i expected lol. this one looks really good on you, reminds me of a barbie nicki minaj look :)

    1. thank you beautiful :)
      yeah you need to look at other peoples swatches to see what they are like, it's a nightmare! xx


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