Tuesday 15 October 2013

MAC; Naked Lunch, Woodwinked & Charcoal Brown


Oot Ohh!
I've been ordering from that dreading place called MAC again, oops.
I did need some more seen as though I don't have many & I really enjoyed my last purchase, it kinder brought me back for more.
What I need next is one of their refill palettes. Seen as though the collection is finally starting to grow, yippee!
 I've not included a make-up look with these shadows in this post, as I thought I could save that for another day.

Naked Lunch
What type of eyeshadow finish is it? Frost
What shade is it? To me it's a peachy, champagne colour
Would you purchase it again? Definitely!
When I wear this eyeshadow I feel like it makes my eyes look more awake if you get me and I have to have a second glance in the mirror when I walk past. That made me cringe typing that haha! I meant at the eyeshadow itself and not at me of course.
'Naked Lunch' looks so pretty when applied all over the lid of the eye, it applies a light amount of colour and shimmer. You can probably tell in the swatches included in this post.
What type of eyeshadow finish is it? Velvet pearl
What shade is it? Medium bronze with a mild orange undertone
Would you purchase it again? yes, yes, yes!
I like to pair 'Woodwinked' with a vanilla, or yellow based light shadow. That's if I'm not wearing it all over the lid. Mind you I always change how I wear this one, like today I'm wearing 'Naked Lunch' with 'Woodwinked' blended into the crease.
Charcoal Brown
What type of eyeshadow finish is it? matte
What shade is it? A beautiful matte brown ashy colour
Would you purchase it again? couldn't live without it... so that's a yes!
I use this eyeshadow mostly to fill in my eyebrows, it works like a dream. It's the perfect colour for my brows. Previous to this shadow I were using a Rimmel eyebrow pencil, but I felt like it made my eyebrows appear to harsh (like slugs had been drawn on my face). This shadow when applied with a flat brush makes them appear more natural. It also works beautifully as a crease colour, you can build it up to get a darker effect for a more smoky eye look.

Overall I am really happy with my new MAC eyeshadows and the last one's I posted about too. They are all must haves to me and I will repurchase if I ever hit pan (which I hope that's not for a while). I think I've built up some kind of addiction to MAC over the last few weeks. I've already got some more shadows waiting in my favourites/basket ready for my next purchase. I also really like the look of the MAC paint pots, but I haven't tried any before. Are they as good as every makes out to be?

Now I'm in need of some neutral matte eyeshadows as I don't have many in my little collection.
You know for those days where you don't want to wear anything shimmery and you want to tone it down a tad. Matte's always look nice on a your vintage inspired make-up looks too, so I'm desperately after some.
Does anyone know of any must have MAC matte eyeshadows?
Let me know in the comments below please dolls, thank you <3
Chanelle Jade
The questions I answered about each eyeshadow are my own opinion.
You may think different to me, but I go by what colour or shade the eyeshadow is through my own eyes and on my own skin.


  1. Love the mac paint pots, bare study is my favorite!! If you're looking at more shadows I'm going to tempt you more haha you need nylon if your life and for matte shadows vanilla is beautiful! It's the perfect inner corner highlight! Hehe cxxx

    1. I've just had a little look of the swatches for bare study and it looks like my cup of tea! ahh you are such a nightmare! you make me want to buy more and more haha :) I also like the look of the 'painterly - paint pot' it looks so pretty.
      So looks like two new eyeshadows and a paint pot! deary meeeeee ;) xx

  2. Woodwinked looks amazing! I want ittttt!!
    I'm so jealous of you and your MAC makeup!
    Hope you're well lovely xx


    1. It is soooooo pretty :)
      I know I've gone from hardly anything to nearly a full palette in such a short period of time haha & there's more that I want as well. I need some kind of ban off mac's online site for a few weeks. I'm great thanks babe! Hope everything is good with you too xx

  3. Ahh they're such gorgeous shades - Woodwinked is my favourite shade, it's such a beaut <3 your tan is amazing too!!! xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. I'm surprised there's a tan on that arm! I've done nothing but exfoliate my body for the past week, that holiday really dried my skin out and I went all flakey D: (making myself gip, never mind anyone else) ha!
      & woodwinked is such a pretty one :) xx

  4. I reeeeally want woodwinked, looks like my perfect shade!

    1. in the pan it doesn't look that much, but when it's on the lid it's gorgeous!
      go onnnnnn, get it :) xx

  5. Wow the shades are gorgeous !

  6. the shades are wow!! they will look great on you xx


  7. Those shades are really gorgeous neutrals!! :) I badly want Woodwinked, it's one of the most well-known MAC eyeshadows, and looks AHH-MAZING! Thanks a lot for the lovely swatches <3

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xo
    Chriissydollxo Blog | BlogLovin'

    1. me and my bloody neutrals! I think you've got to have a good set of them though as it's something you are going to get your wear out of. Yes it seems to be, when I did a little bit of research before I got it everyone and their nan was raving about it. You should get it :) xx

  8. I'm desperate to get Woodwinked, it's been on my to buy list for so long. The swatch looks gorgeous, and this post has made me want Naked Lunch too! x


    1. I think all three of them are must haves in your palette!
      get them purchased lady, you will not regret it :) xx

  9. These are suchhhhh beautiful shades, i definitely want naked lunch and woodwinked now :)

    Frankie Boo Blog

    1. they are so so pretty! I'm really glad I chose them both :) I need some matte's desperately now xx

  10. Love these colours! They're on my xmas wishlist!!

    1. They are lovely :) I think I need to put the rest of mine on a Christmas wish list to stop me from spending my money haha! xx

  11. oooooh i am so jealous of your little growing collection! I love the finish of woodwinked, looks perfect for the winter months!
    Heard so much about charcoal brown for the brows, maybe i will have to make a cheeky purchase once my look brow perfect kit has died on me.

    xxx | PixiRella

    1. ahh, i'm so glad that I've purchased them though babe! I've had a lot of refill eyeshadows on my wish list for TOO long. Yeah, definitely! I will never use anything else on my brows, it's that good :) xx

  12. Woodwinked is one of my favourite eysshadows from Mac. I wear it a lot during the fall and winter :) I would love to try naked launch. Such a pretty colour.

    xoxo, charlene

    1. I'm definitely going to get my wear out of it over the next few months :) I've been wearing Naked Lunch pretty much every day it's so so pretty! xx

  13. i think you are going to like their paint pots :D i havent really bought one but ive tried a couple of them before, you might like rubenesque and bare study, those are some of my faves. btw an off topic have you tried the YSL lipsticks? i figured you seem like someone who would like those. its not available here but im going to buy some online soon. cant decide which color to try first :D

  14. Slugs drawn on your face - I can imagine! :p At least you found a product which proved a much better alternative. Surprisingly I have never tried MAC eyeshadows - though I've been tempted by a lot of their shades, especially Patina and Satin Taupe.

  15. I LOVE woodwinked - its my favourite eyeshadow out of all the MAC eyeshadows I have :) there aren't many eyeshadows I love more than my MAC ones to be honest aha


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